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She's fat.
>Top and bottom part of swimsuit doesn't have the same pattern
This bothers me.
I want to impregnate nozomi

I made a mistake and started reading comments under a youtube video of a non non biyori clipped. There was a lot of people insisting Ren is autistic, and others insisting otherwise.

Is Ren autistic, /a/?
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There is nothing wrong with Renchon. She is a normal first grader.

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Can I consider myself a "Gundam" fan if I had only watched the Universal Century entries in the serie? Tried the other alternative universes but they were all shit.
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Ask /m/ council
You have to have watched all the tomino gundam shows, so get onto turn A and G-reco and you'll be certified in no time
AU are cheap bootlegs.

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Konosuba Season 2 OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7hlU6RY2wY
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Forgetabble like the OP of the first season
S1 OP was decent, this one on the other hand has nothing going for it.
The S1 was fun and had energy, matched the tone of the show pretty well.

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ITT anime for smart people.
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Any anime ever.

Smart people will either enjoy it, or make fun out of it for being bad, since it doesn't cater to their needs.
smart people won't waste their time with anime
smart people won't waste their time with 4chan

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Which one has the best character interactions?
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K-ON > Tamako > Hyouka
It's Yamada's forte.

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What are knife ears good for?
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Lesbian sex duh. Stick that ear up her pussy.

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Did Naruto peak with the Pain arc?
It seemed to kinda go off the rails after that.
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I think it peaked at Jiraiya's final mission but terrorist sasuke was decent and entertaining
I loved that arc, but you've got to admit the first season of shippuden was peak Naruto.
The Pain Arc was the only good arc of Shippuden. And that's only because when first watching it it was metal as fuck because characters were dying left and right and the village got destroyed so you thought the series was going in a totally new direction for a bit.

Then Deus Ex Machina jutsu happened and ruined it. While it was going on, and nobody knew how it was going to end, it was great. But seriously Nagato's whole motivation was he was sad about this fucking dog? What the hell?

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Sun Garden episode.

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First one with best boy Someoka

>aliea waifu is back
Feels good.
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>revive Kira Hiroto
>change him from being older than Hitomiko to younger
>completely unrecognizable character design
>"scum" instead of the pure child he once was

He's not even the same character anymore.

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【Notice from author】
An animation planning is ongoing.
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Old news by a few days.

I, for one, can't wait to see the gathering of loli harem.
Can anyone list the difference between the web novel and light novel?
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Dunno since I don't read the LN. The translation for it hasn't gotten far and LN usually contains censorship or is more tame compared to WN, anyways. But LN is nice for the illustrations.

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>fansubbers can break hardware compatibility
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What do you mean? Honestly, I'm ESL, elaborate this stuff for me, please.
spotted the newfag

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Ashitaba san ch. 31. This time the neet aunt gets some attention i wish this wasn in korean

where the fuck is ch. 30 REEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!

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Fuck off.
So thicc
Why does it jump from ch.29 to 31?

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the legend continues...

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What character archetypes go well when combined with loli?
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Tall and quiet protective man.
Love interest
Winning girl
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How cute
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For a while, I was thinking about which voice suits who, but I think I understand now.

Probably take the cast of Heartcatch Precure and stick them on everyone.
is this manga actually good? I tried to read the first chapter and couldn't finish it and the title turns me away as it sound as bad fanfiction
its __cute

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