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>12 years old
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What's your point?
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My point is he could easily beat the shit out of me even though I'm 7 years older
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Vote for the best bunny
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No doubt.
Stop lying. No one talks about her anymore.

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How fucking high were they when they came up with this shit?
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Playing through this now. I lost some respect after reaching that point. I would have preferred the writers come up with another way to solve the 36-byte problem.

For instance, suppose Itaru uses LHC server storage to store a fuckhuge decompression dictionary. Anything slightly more plausible would be OK.

Still a fun game though.
What doesn't make sense about a black hole being able to compress data?
Data is an abstract concept. It's information. There are many ways to store data (magnetically, on paper, in one's mind). Those storage media let the data exist on the physical level. That's why we can shred an HDD and the information inside is lost.

Information compression is different from physical compression. Obviously, black holes don't have 7zip installed in them, so by talking about black holes, the plan is to "compress" on the physical level.

So why the fuck is the input/output measured in bytes, which is on the information level?? That's the problem. An ambiguity from the term "compression" that has two definitions.

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Why does everyone shit on this anime? If you turn off your brain, you will enjoy 24 episodes of mecha harem FUN. How can you possibly call this 30k+ seller bad?
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>If you turn off your brain
Even all the other battle harems that copied this ended up better than it.
Eh, nandatte?
Biting the b8o.

>If you turn off your brain
There's this phrase again.
You can enjoy just about anything with your brain turned off.
If you go on a drug-induced autopilot enhanced by visual hallucinations, you can even enjoy a Powerpoint presentation like Bakemonogatari.

>How can you possibly call this 30k+ seller bad?
How can you call THIS bestseller bad?

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New chapter of the Freezing manga is out!

How do you feel about all that PLOT?
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is they're any more raep in this manga? i can't fap it to vanillas
Seek out the panda of sadness, the creator of this series makes his own hentai for it and it's uploaded there.

Lets be honest... This was a piece of art.
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it was boring
More like a piss 'o fart.
No, it was just bad, very bad

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Has anyone here read the serial manga Ane Naru Mono/ The Sister of the Woods with a Thousand Young? There seem to be five parts/chapters released so far, barring the h-manga it originated from, and it seems to be pretty interesting so far.
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yeah, it's been pretty good so far. Not sure how I feel about the hinting a bad ending, but I guess that's to be expected when you accidentally unleash an eldritch monster
I can't seem to find the h-manga anywhere

You can find it at https://hitomi.la

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>I'm in the middle of part 4 and liking it a lot
>not as much as the first two tho,
>Think Part 2 is the best still
"oh I think I'll play this eyes over heaven game"
>man named Weather Forecast
>Johnny has a bug bite fetish
>Josuke is a gay sailor and there are two of him

does jojo get better after part 4, or is it thought to have peaked prior to part 5? what do people think are the best parts? tell this newfag about jojo
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go away
official part ranking
As a fellow part 2 lover, my favorite is part 7 (Steel Ball Run)

Your favorite h-artist has gone mainstream and can no longer draw hmanga/hdoujin for some reason.

Do you feel happy or sad?
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Fucking awful. Mieow draws the best lolis.
Uno Makoto hasn't made new H doujins for some time now, though.
He should design more mainstream anime. Rail Wars girls looked pretty good.
I don't have a favorite, I just fap to whatever.

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Wow. Bitch. All the dude did was so much as say hello. Usagi wasn't really winning any points to start with but goddamn.
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Which subs, I'm due for a rewatch of this for my girls.

I grabbed the KAA batch

Im not really sure how they compare to the other releases as Im watching it for the first time but there's a lot of TL Notes explaining shit like jewel name references and Japanese terms such as Manzai. Which isn't too bad I suppose

Rei a best so far.

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Few days old but i've been way too lazy to make a thread about it.

NEW TRAILER for the upcoming theatrical Lupin III film, Bloodspray of Goemon. As you can see it looks dope as fuck and really well animated. We don't expect anything less from Koike.

If you don't already know, it is a sequel to Jigen's Gravestone.

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some more images

>Black Jacket

What does it mean
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dont know. hoping it's a one off since black is way too casual for Lupin. it especially is bad when he has a black shirt underneath of it. too much black. you need more colors to break it apart from one another. blue jacket was technically a one off for Koike since he introduced it in Jigen's Gravestone, and didnt work on the blue jacket series and didnt bring it back for this film. maybe if he makes a 3rd film, it will be a new color. At least he has the yellow tie which is best tie. Plus going by the trailer, they didnt really show any of the jacket so he may not even wear it that much.

originally i figured if he makes a 3rd film, it would star Zenigata since fujiko got her own series, then the sequel jigen's gravestone is all about jigen, and this new film is all about goemon, that MAYBE the next one would be about Zenigata... I dont like that idea now because i dont really like this version of Zenigata. he's too serious and lacks the fun characteristics that made Zenigata a great character to begin with.

so if he does make a 3rd film which is only an assumption, just make it all about Lupin.

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Who is the Ash-Greninja of anime?
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My dick and ur mum
What would you define the criteria as?
Niggas that got cucked from the glory they unquestionably deserved.

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Why is Arasegara Ararami so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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hey it's this guy again
Sashimi Salame worst girl
Kud is #1 in Russia

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tell me your thoughts, who would win a one on one
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???? Mob would wreck that chick.
Tats has a better ass. Not sure which one would win in a battle, though.
According to ONE himself, they are on the same level

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If you had the talent / money to create your own anime series what would you create, and in what kind of style.
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Anime about JAV with Yuasa style.
Am I doing all of it? The obvious answer is an adaptation of my favorite Light Novel, though. In the style of the previous seasons. Because S3 is never coming.
I would have twenty thousand leagues under the sea done by shaft.

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