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Literally only the last three episodes are somewhat satisfying. Are you seriously supposed to wait 19 episodes and 2 specials for the show to get any good?
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It was a complete ending at the very least.
In what fucking way?
>episodes of unrestrained rage at vampires fucking around as much as they wanted
>ending kills them all off with them begging pathetically to be left alive
It was orgasmic.
I'm not even mas that Sunako survived desu what with the "evil will always exist" whatever.

The only thing I'm pissed about is that fucking priest.

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This is Revy. Say something nice about her.
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She's got a hard ass.
I bet she smells like something that only died a few days ago.
her history as rape victim is only half-canon

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Please describe this child.
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Which anime girl looks best in a swimsuit?
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My favorite > Your favorite
It's not fair to use fanart with deciding this.

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This Tomoko, what do you think of her english dub
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I bought it but I haven't watched it yet. I plan to booze it along.

Tomoko's faces are dope tho.
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Terrible, just like her.
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I've never heard it. And never want to she's too good for that. Only one voice for tomoko

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find me someone with a worse fanbase

protip :

you can't
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Umaru? Dio?
Kyoto Animation.

I want to fuck Mariko so hard!
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>ywn be the object of her desires
Honestly I think she's the prettiest girl of all time.
Mariko is for sweet, tender loving you huge faggot.

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Santa Yui.webm
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

15 days! part deux

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Is it Christmas yet?
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Kirino shocked.jpg
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Two weeks and a day.

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>show is called Yuri on Ice
>no lesbians at all
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The main character is called Yuri see.
There is Yuri on ice. Two, in fact.
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please remove this thread,just the mention of it gets me upset.
How about you educate your self first,you uncultured swine.

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You can stop making this thread, nobody cares.
Planetes is shit
People use to get banned for such comets.

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Do the impossible, except save your girlfriend because you know, that's impossible.
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It's not impossible (probably) but it is irresponsible.
No, it was easily possible for him to save her.

The instructions are the specifically do the impossible, and to see the invisible.
Why did they even give her space aids? It wrecked the message of the story.

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now fug
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Big tiddies>all
and still no vanilla doujins
Whoa, did that really happen?

Which animal ear/kemonomimi type of character do you like best?


Foxgirls a best though, so this poll is really just for show.
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I feel like this is some kind of rare get
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Dogs will love you unconditionally forever.
>people voting for human ears
The worst animal

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Cradle of the Moon, Preview on the back of the latest AW..

Miki will never let Alicization end. Next Progressive when?
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bump for you

>Cradle of the Moon
Because making Kirito and Asuna literally immortal demigods is surely the brilliant direction SAO should go in. Yes. We /space/ soon.

Whatever. Weren't they stuck in there for like 250 years? SAO actually turns into isekai, then.
>Weren't they stuck in there for like 250 years?
Pretty much, yeah.
At this rate, everything Pre-Alicization could be called "just a prologue".

Oh, and it's called "Moon Cradle" now.
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Ronye and Tiese.png
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If I remember right, CotM was from Ronye's POV, so I wouldn't mind more SAO from this qt's perspective.

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It's time for The Impatient Count and the Time Thief
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