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What fetishes do you want her to perform for you?
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Winning a card game[/spoiler] over and over until she finds her confidence.
Being a well-developed character who wins duels.
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i want her to hang me from a tree. yaaa that

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dirty water.jpg
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Won't she get an infection sitting in that?
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She's not that much of a slut.
No, unless she is a whore and has a gapping vagina.
The water around her is 100% pure.
You can probably splash radioactive waste on her face and she'll be fine.

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Why aren't there more intellectual anime like Flip Flappers and Death Parade?
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Stop comparing my flappers to that piece of melodramatic garbage
There is a fuckton of intellectual anime

Just look at the 3x3 thread and how they rate eachother by how intellectual they're
Flip Flappers is good.

Death Parade? I'd rather rewatch Jigoku Shoujo or Shigofumi instead.

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Is this fucker serious?
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She's Japanese. Theirs are sideways
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It's a new kind of retarded
still hasent fucked anyone in the manga has he?
is the manga even still poplular? havent heard a thing about it in years.

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shinji kun.jpg
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>entire family dies
>all of his friends die
>earth turned into wasteland
>doomed to spend eternity with kraut whore who may not even be alive at this point and may or may not be pregnant who treats him like total garbage
>will never get to do adult stuff with Misato after she promised to do it with him
>only friends moved away or turned out to be agents sent to destroy humanity
>deadbeat dad who only acknowledges his existence when it's convenient.

>all because he wanted to be alone sometimes

Seems harsh.
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he could have had whatever he wanted, but he chose to doom himself to live on a barren prison planet with his tormentor because he hates himself.
Don't call it a grave.
It's the decision you made.
[Ron Paul intensifies]
if he had remained in instrumentality, love would have been impossible

Last song you heard is the OP

Second to Last is the ED

Come up with an anime that fits
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OP - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovXUqAyjPYI
ED - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irATiFt6AUM
Pic related is cover

MC's family has been folding the same katana for generations to the point where it must be sealed because of how edgy it has become.
It is later revealed that MC is the only person that can fully control the swords edge.
MC splits the world in half but before it explodes he uses "that" to isekai his whole planet.
Demon lord is bae.
OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbMZd8niNUM
ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGVMIp4JLSc

MC comes from a future where everyone can use extrasensory perception (ESP). He is supposed to have an arranged marriage with his childhood friend but he doesn't want to. So he finds a time machine and comes to the present. He starts to live a mostly normal life as a professional dancer. However, one day a girl falls from the sky and MC saves her. She reveals that she's an alien who escaped from her home planet because evil aliens are trying to destroy the galaxy and MC's planet is next. Now MC must protect his planet from those aliens. Said aliens use dancing as a way of fighting, so MC decides to combine his dancing skills with his powers in order to surpass them. Meanwhile, he and alien girl start to live together and try to fit into local society.

Genres: Fighting, slice of life, romance, comedy, musical.
Animation studio: GONZO.
12 episodes (first season).
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OP: https://youtu.be/OwSpn4pmv9Q
ED: https://youtu.be/q604eed4ad0

Guess it's about Kanye's descent into madness. Still don't know why I was listening to Yeezus.
>Studio: Shaft
>Genre: Psychological, Music, Drama

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Pig-chan is for ______.
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What is the deal with /a/ and this hentai? I didn't even care for, the little sister was way hotter and even than I didn't care for the fact that she gets brain-washed into being a sex slave for a fat manipulative pig man.

Both sisters are retarded, but the little sister is even more retarded for believing a sex cult would cure her of anything, and she didn't even know it was a sex cult until it was too late.

Stop victim shaming you shitlord.

How come you weebs never talk about this shit
We need more realism in anime
There need to be laws for realism in creative content because I'm so sick of all this shit misleading people away from how war actually goes down
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Because that show aired like 4 years ago. It had plenty of threads back then.
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>virgin french girl
This show had plenty of threads when it aired.

>White Christian French Girl

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Kumiko's feet.jpg
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Kumiko's feet.
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Very cute feet.
they're the best

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>modern anime
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Makes you feel sorry for people who don't watch anime in this golden age
>WAAH anime panders to weebs instead of us filthy gaijin
Anyone who watches Keijo is 14

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Anime is a insult to life itself
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>old man yells at computer
Yes. I'm really going to miss this old codger when he eventually kicks the bucket.
He's an insult to life itself just by being still alive.

Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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Minorin is best girl
nth for i want to suck taigas dick
Hoo boy it's time for a bunch of unlikeable autists to start spamming twitch memes hoo wee am i excited

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File: 3208460-42.jpg (166KB, 815x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Tenkuu-Shinpan-Img.jpg (609KB, 1118x711px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why are there no good kaiju anime?
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Literally Evangelion.

Nice thinly-veiled rec thread, by the way.
>what is Devilman
>what is Neo Ranga
>what is Dai-Guard
>what is Ultraman Joneus
>what is Dendoh
>what is Gravion
>what is Getter Robo
>what is Mazinger
>what is Jeeg
>what is Aquarion
>what is Godannar
>what is God Mars
>what is Dunbine
>what is Zoids
>what is Big O
>what is every Braves series
>what is Macross 7
>what is Macross Zero
>what is Gunbuster
>what is Diebuster
>what is Super Robot Wars The Inspector
>what is Dangaizer 3
>what is Robot Romance
>what is Raideen
>what is Zambot
>what is Daitarn
>what is Golion
>what is Daltanious
>what is Eureka Seven
>what is Ideon
i said good

eva is shit, take your 2deep4me trash and fuck off

Good kaiju doesn't need drama, doesn't need character development, just kaiju fighting kaiju

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