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LWA screening news:
>IT'S 2 COUR (split)
>animation is still super good, at least for the first 3 episodes that they showed

I'll post staff listing next post.
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コンテ 吉成曜
作監 半田修平
原画 堀剛史 金子雄人 三宮昌太 ほか
コンテ 吉成曜
作監 金子雄人 斉藤健吾
原画 土上いつき 吉成鋼 ほか
3話 コンテ 摩砂雪
作監 五十嵐海 斉藤健吾
原画 ちな すしお 今石洋之 佐藤利幸 ほか
Split cour seems a good compromise.
Split cour is cool, I'm glad about that. Seems like production is going well, too.

Let's try this again....
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This is not a sad panda thread. This is a discussion thread about douj and independent japanese art.
what happened to the fakku rips at nyaa?

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I just watched Episode 10

Fucking hell is all I can say

Also myu-pom the cutest
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how did the guy decode the hospital message? i failed to understand it, something about unicode and binary
I don't think we were supposed to figure that out at all. This episode felt infodump as fuck
There was some east asian stuff from it that only the japs would understand better and not much from us

perfect scenes don't ex....
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Too bad nobody gives a damn about the show in the first place.

Also how will they give a proper closure with the two remaining episodes? Will homuhomu finally appear?
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Is /a/ objectively AOTS, what are you talking about? Also i'm putting all my bets on second season.
Perfect aces don't ex...

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full episode right here
he finally beat someone
Great episode or GREATEST episode?

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Who is your mistress /a?
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Otonashi Sisters
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this bitch too.jpg
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Actually all the girls from Utsuro

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What the hell is his problem?

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He's a crybaby pandering to muh feels
He is right.
It can be tough being so correct

>Kirito becomes the Representative Swordsman of the Human Empire Unity Council, now at peace with the Dark Territory (a kingdom of goblins, orcs, etc).
>written to be readable as a stand-alone fantasy that happens to have the same characters as SAO
I guess SAO has given up on the videogame part altogether and is now a straight up isekai fantasy.

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>Human territory has no emperor
>Still called Human Empire instead of Human Republic
I see Kawahara is living the IJA dream
>post-alicization arc
But Alicization arc is a perfect ending for SAO.
Can't give up that sweet sweet ¥¥¥.

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Weekend's here, let's party the night away! Post gif/webm of dancing animated cuties

It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our delicious crew of little DJ girls!

Link is in the pastebin

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untz untz untz.gif
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I'm rewatching Lucky Star, this is truly better than K-ON.
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Lucky star is still the best SoL anime out there. It doesn't need fan service, drama or overly cute girls to make it good either.
Azumanga Daioh.
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Which is the top and which is the bottom?

How are you supposed to eat it?

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Thank you, OP.
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>implying I'd forget
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Thank you OP, have a Christmas Rino.

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Who is the best TLR girl?

And why is it Momo?
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You mean Nemesis.
Every girl is good. Except that boring bitch Sairenjj.
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Consult this chart. Also, someone please link the TLR ranking generator. I lost it.

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I see, so nobody gives a fuck about this series anymore.
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because its shit you fucking cuck
Still better than Negima.
your taste isnt the norm anon

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Chitose is sad because, from Davinci's Discord,

>ts is done, tl could take a week

Cheer her up!
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Chitose shouldn't be sad because I've already watched the raw with ts subs and even understood something.

Nah who am I kidding. Chitose should just die.
I know that tl is translation, but what is ts?
I asked you to cheer her up.

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>best girls in their respective series will never wi-
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Kanaufags BTFO
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>3 years time skip
Is her spin-off canon?

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