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"So, Anon-kun..."

*a light breeze passes*

"How do you feel about me?"
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There is someone else that I like.
I love your eyebrows.
*teleports behind you and stabs you with a shuriken*
Feel? Feelings are for the weak, and as one you shall perish

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post yfw, it was your parents that got you into anime. They still watch it to this very day.
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you need to be 18 to post here
>you can't have parents if you're over 18
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My parents didn't get me into anime. In fact they hated it, so I keep my dweebness in check.

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i like anime
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nice thread OP
Says the guy that's on /a/

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Anyone here read Omoide Emanon/Sasurai Emanon by Tsuruta Kenji?
I thought it was really good even though it was so short.
I found it similar to Mushishi in terms of atmosphere
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I thought the first one was well done, but the later stuff failed to take it anywhere interesting.
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For it to go anywhere, it would've had to be longer. The concept had enough potential to be made into a longer series, so it seems strange to me that the author would just stop after four volumes.
Are Kenji's other works worth checking out?
The two books were published some months ago here in Italy.
Not bad at all, especially the first.
Second one 'closes the circle' explaining who's really Emanon- still has a nice vibe.

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What does /a/ think of Dead Tube?
At first I really liked it because of the gore but it feels more and more like people getting cucked in a brutal way
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It's ayt. Story could be better.
It's absolutely retarded.
I love it.
Guilty pleasure.

It is not good by any means, but you can't really say it was a bad experience after reading a chapter.

Although it the beginning was a bit better than what's happening now that's for sure; Pro DEAD Tube players came straight some fighting manga.

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ITT: best girls
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Why was Mion the only one who never went crazy in any of the time loops?

Also, why is she best girl?
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>Why was Mion the only one who never went crazy in any of the time loops?

I want to know this too.
It's because Mion was the best girl, obviously
Because her madness manifested as Sion.

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What's your Homo OTP?

/u/ friends welcomed too.
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They are not homo.

And no Yuuri and Viktor aren't either.

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Shows where OP2>OP1
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Amagami SS

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Time for stuffz
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Fuck yeah, second best day of the week.
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[Title is 'Gate']

Saejima Haruka
Year 3 Class 5 Former Karate Club
A strong willed senpai. She's normally bery tough, but she likes the cutesy Souma-kun
Souma Chihiro
Year 1 Class 3 Karate Club
A timid boy. He had an epiphany and is conscious about Saejima-senpai being a woman.

When I tried confessing to Senpai,
"What do you mean?"
I got dumped.

But of course.
[Side] Ei!!
I'm so weak and indecisive...

"Souma-sono, you haven't been energetic since senpai retired from the club. You okay?"
"Ah... yeah [osu]...!! I'm sorry" [TN: I will parenthesize the osus just because]

"You sushi'd Saejima-senpai"
"So you're lonely, right?"

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Is this shit ever gonna happen?
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When Netflix gives in and funds it then yes, since HBO refuses to see how popular of a show it could be. They made the mistake with TWD, and now they will do it with Monster.
Last thing I heard was that HBO dropped out of it so it's on production hell
Who cares?
I don't understand the appeal of live action adaptions even if they're done well

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Since the manga is on hiatus for this month, i'll post the extra chapters from vol 5 of the manga. These chapters however, are in text form with some illustrations. Probably to sell more manga chapters since they have stuff the LN doesn't.
And it worked, goddamn it. Thank god that there's discount coupons

The first extra chapter happens when naofumi and co. escape from the bitch and motoyasu. They make a pitstop to take a bath and eat something.
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Illustration. boy is raphtalia stacked.
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A rather short chapter.

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Stream in 15 minutes.

Are you guys ready for some Ikedaya action?
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tfw don't care about Shinsengumi
>Only two episodes left
It seems to be selling well, so maybe we can get a second season. ;_;

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Kissshot is so smug.
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I'm not gay but looking at Kizu Koyomi gives me butterflies
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No wonder Crab and Cat went crazy

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Why does Jill have so many bruises? Did she get those from when her father beat her, or are they implying Guts did it in his sleep?

Also, Berserk thread.
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>Did she get those from when her father beat her, or are they implying Guts did it in his sleep?
>Guts did it in his sleep?
>Did she get those from when her father beat her
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It's pretty clear that Guts doesn't sleep very soundly, he obviously moves around quite a bit when he has bad dreams so I wouldn't be super surprised if he had accidentally hurt her while sleeping considering his shocked reaction to seeing her bruises and the fact that her father didn't even hit her in the places she has bruises.

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