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New chapter. Dumping.
No chapter next week.
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>people lament that Flip Flappers, despite looking good, has too little plot and character development to be interesting, and that essentialy nothing relevant happens in any episode
>fans respond that detractors are too dumb to get it, that the plot is there but it's masterfully told by the visuals alone
>episode 9 comes, turns out that the entire plot is going to be crammed in the next 4 episodes after all, and that maybe 10 minutes of the first 8 was actually relevant to the narrative
Really makes you think.
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/a/ has shit taste as usual. What do you expect? The biggest shows on /a/ are FF, YoI and Hibike. Really tells you something.
...that contrary to expectations, /a/ actually enjoys the best shows of fall 2016?
About damn time /a/ got some taste.

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>With that in mind, I head upstairs.

>"Oh... Oh..."

>Suddenly, a voice meagers in from somewhere. A heavy groan. I guess someone is home after all.
>I follow the origins of the sound upstairs. And discovered it coming from Aisha's room.

>"Ah... Oh..."

>As if tormented by a nightmare, a hefty groan. Is Aisha ill?

>"Ah... That's great. Faster..."

>Wait, no. It's that. The same sound made when I sleep with Roxy and Syphy. And sometimes when Eris sleeps with me, one I'm quite familiar of.


>This is rather unexpected. Having some adult fun. The thought of Aisha in that kind of relationship never crossed my mind. I'm happy for her, but also a little sad, it's complicated. Ultimately, Aisha is an adult now, and even as her brother I can tell that she's a beauty. Not unusual at all for her to meet someone.
>Or I might have made a mistake. Maybe she came down with something, or I misheard, or she's getting a massage. Or perhaps she's just wresting, if my imagination may be allowed to run wild!... But wrestling isn't known in this world. The possibilities are plenty.


>A little awkward and unexpected, but there's nothing unbecoming about it. Let me settle down. I should knock first, to give him a chance to introduce himself. With Paul gone, it's my responsibility to play father's role for Norn and Aisha. That I settled on long ago. I want to see with my own eyes, what kind of person he is.
>I'll give him a tough time if he ends up a deadbeat. It's for Aisha's own good.
>But Aisha isn't one to be charmed so easily. Even if he has some odd habits, he probably won't be a bad guy.
>Anyways, I shouldn't get taken up by first impression, but try to figure out his true nature. ... Even though I was never very good at that.
>Anyways, I should knock. Just as I was about to, more noise came from the room.

>"Oh, Ars, does it feel good?"
>"Em. Yes.... Aisha-nee."

>Instantly, I swung open the door.
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>Before my eyes is an impossible sight. Aisha and Ars on the bed together.
>Ars below, with Aisha on top.
>Both are naked. Both bodies covered in sweat.
>Both spooked like cats, frozen still, eyes bugged out with only their heads twisted back.


>They're wresting...
>Impossible. Why would they wrestle with nary an underwear? And a particular smell permeates the room. There aren't even any folded chairs around. That means... it's that. Aisha and Ars....

>"... Eh, oh."

>I wish I made a mistake.
>I wish Aisha was just giving Ars a massage when I swung open the door.

>"Ha, aah, ugh."

>Don't know what to say.
>What the hell?
>... What should I do? How did this happen...?

>"Eh, Em, welcome back, Onii-chan... No, this is..."

>Aisha wants to say something. A situation impossible to explain. But the truth finally dawned on me. I wasn't wrong, they were doing it.
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>That's right, from her youngest days, Aisha were already looking down at those less capable than her.

>It's just that her judgemental nature was always there.
>She knew how to find capable people.
>But she didn't understand what "love" meant.
>She didn't understand what it meant to love someone.
>She didn't understand what love was.
MT went to shit the moment Rudy became Orsted's bitch boy.

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What If Evangelion 4.0 fails?
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probably will. it's like they're unable to finish the story properly.

the ending to the t.v. series had a convoluted pretentious ending and that tried too hard to say so much where it ended up saying very little coherently.

then they tried to redo it with end of evangelion...same problem.

then 3.0 already veered off the path in terms of story-telling...so I imagine that'll the end will fly off the cliff yet again.

I love the show but I wish it would keep it's head out of the clouds when trying to tell the ending. it's like all spices with minimal meat on the bone.
We all know the movie is going to suck, anon. Anno has completely cocooned from artist to businessman. Don't expect anything. You will still get disappointed. Omedetou.

Has anyone else notcied that in all shit animes they have really long conversations where they all make really weird observations about how someone has been acting, use it to explain character development and barely make sense?

Pic related. Was episode 4/5 where I dropped it because they started doing some weird armchair psychology for the black haired semi-yandere and it was all complete bullshit.
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You should graduate from being a child first.

Then you'll be able to enjoy these deep and meaningful anime
It was funny maybe the first few times and now it's become overused because this type of humor seems intelligent to otaku.
That's the reason you dropped this flop?
Out of everything else that was shit in it?
This small almost insignificant thing?

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What are you looking forward to next season?
>Akiba's Trip
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Only acceptable answer
Seiren since i'm a loser virgin in my mid 20s.
Another gaybait anime from Kyoani, they're going all out.

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Cindy butt appreciation thread.
Also not sure if old news but 15 new Ika Musume chapters just got translated.
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Ika Musume is one of the few series where I can't say for certain which girl is the best, but Cindy really is trying.
She has an absurdly lewd design in contrast to the rest of the characters.
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Co1Y_GkUsAAcaHG.png large.png
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Do you like fairies?
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Best fairy: Air
Best body: Water
Best facebook friend: Fire
Literally who: Earth
Earth > Water > Wind > Fire

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Extella comes out 20th January in the west if anyone is interested.

There is also a Foxtail chapter 25 that recently has been translated.
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Also, this cute little nendoroid has become available for pre-order today.
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That page was nice
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>Extra and Extella were both brought over
>CCC never

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SB69# 11
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Time for Sawashiro
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Onii-chama, daisuki.

>[HorribleSubs] Nobunaga no Shinobi - 11 [720p].mkv
RIP ninja loli.
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But at least there's someone to take your place.
I don't want this show to end.
Weird this anime had basically not following here.

/a/ doesn't like cute anymore?

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Ring ring
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moshi moshi
>let it ring

This is my wife, Chitose-chan. We're both useless and we'll never amount to anything.
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Posting an actually successful girl.
More like the shoulder of an actually successful girl.
I bet Momoka is more successful, and at least she isn't a miserable alcoholic.

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Does the mc get all the girls?
Does he stick to nobody?
Does he end up with the lead?

Any other choices?
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MC died.
Before the first episode.
Mc is actually gay

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