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Did this show get funny again yet? l've been holding out for a few weeks now.
Yea it got back to comedy real fast

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Vol 32 cover.gif
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So, Yunan finally gets a cover. Looks pretty sick.
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Best boy
I was hoping his mistrust towards Sinbad as well as his general wisdom would have kept him safe from the brainwashing but he was smiling along with everyone else when Sinbad announced his sudoku plan. I hope Alibaba and Aladdin will at least have some allies, maybe Judar, Hakuryuu or Kouen. Or maybe not-Japan since Nips always want to feel special in their cartoons.
Maybe Yunan will snap out of it by having a tiny bit of black rukh form when Arba BTFO him.

Why would they ruin this 11/10, greatest of all time ending with a sequel?
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Cash rules everything around me.
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Because merch sales are dropping
wtf why are 2 lelouches there?

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>tfw too poor to afford her statue
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One of my all-time favorite girls.
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Is this correct?

Best Directors:
Hayao Miyazaki
Makoto Shinkai
Naoko Yamada

Best Artists/Designers:
Masayoshi Tanaka
Hajime Katoki

Best Mangaka:
Yoshihiro Togashi
Kentauro Miura

Best Animators:
Yutaka Nakamura
Bahi JD

Best Studio:
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Is there a cuter girl this season then Miyakoshi Hana? I think not
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She's not even the cutest in her own anime.
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Better girl.
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Sapphire chan is pretty cute. But Hana is waifu material.

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How could anybody be attracted to her? She looks like Weevil Underwood with that haircut.
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Why did she have to become the face of cuck?
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I have to open up. Not my blog. I know. Making it anime related though. Give me a chance.

>shit childhood, no love from parents
>crippling anxiety and delusions starting from age 6(?)
>no friends from age 9, staying indoors playing video games and watching anime
>see mother and brother, who live with me, every day as we pass each other going to the kitchen, etc. in our 2 bedroom, extremely small apartment, but we never talk to each other. I never looked my mother in the eyes and couldn't have identified her in a line up of similar women until I was around age 15
>I was raised by the internet. By anime and video games
>discover welcome to the NHK manga in my early teens, identify with it and consume everything related -- novel, anime, etc.
>rewatch many times over the years
>jokingly tell myself I'm going to end up like him -- except unhealed
>physically attractive, girls approach me in junior high and high school
>mom beat me in early childhood for things like the remote going missing - no matter whose fault, it was always mine or my brother's
>ignore approaching girls it should be noted that though very attractive and outwardly social, etc., they were definitely having their own issus which made them approach me, an anxious freak who talked to no one. I'm not trying to trigger anyone but I was almost literally the MC who kept denying pussy, except I'd say my mental health problems are a decent excuse
>the years go by
>due to my country having conscription, end up having to go to the army
>happy as fuck, see it as a chance to become normal
>9 months in the army
>no friends
>social skills improved but I'm broken and sabotage myself constantly by acting like a cunt
>Turning 21 in less than two weeks, a little before christmas
>almost Satou's age
>studying in university somehow, no friends or relations
>anxiety and hikikomori ways at pre-army level and generally hate myself
>I have nothing
>I have Welcome to the NHK

Any anime you keep returning to?
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>tl;dr boohoo my life is so sad boohoo
fuck off
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Literally you.jpg
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if it weren't for the recent, more mature, sexual advances, that would be what I'd think too. In fact that was exactly what I used to think.

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Terra ForMars Asimov Chapter 11
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Get it here. I'll dump some pics.
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File: 121-122.png (3MB, 2511x1800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm into 4th episode and it's fucking boring. Should I force myself through the season?
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It picks up the pace about halfway in, from there it gets exponentially more interesting
All the setup is necessary
Watch it all the way or kill yourself
No just kill yourself instead.
Keep watching or just kill yourself

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Why nobody talks about Punpun on /a/?
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Because /a/ can't read. Next.
Because it is over since 2013, it is good, and there is not much to talk about.
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Because we've already talked about it.

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Streamfag here, now that kissanime is down can one of you give me a different site to get my weeb fix?
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reddit dot com
Sure friend, try killing yourself.

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what do you think about anime going mainstream /a/?
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It's no more mainstream than it was 15 years ago.

Just because online echo chambers have become more populated these days doesn't mean anime is going mainstream.

Pleb shows will be just that. Pleb shows.

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I think them trying to move more towards movie production is probably going to end up doing them well in the long run. Even more and more it now seems like there are only one or two shows a season that can do really well out of disc sales. It seems like SHAFT might be attempting to get in on that action and move towards film production too with their newly announced film. Maybe a good survival strategy if we continue to see disc sales faltering before streaming can pick up the slack.
They do SoL well but also do flashy, eccentric styles well
SoL is a super safe market but they stand out in being able to make lots of memorable moments and interesting animation decisions to spruce them up
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because moe, mostly. Also a dedicated fan base and not taking too many risks (if not any)

What went wrong?
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kissless bitch

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