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>be fatheru
>daughteru won't open door
>bust down door
>daughteru is getting a good dicking

What do?
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Join in
B-But your wife is right behind you
She can join too

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Buyfag thread. Google the guide before asking any questions.
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I expected a better paintjob on that brown semen demon, and the vagina bones look weird

>Your order was canceled since Credit Card payment from your location is not available due to security reason.
>We will refund you.

Wow. My country wasn't listed in their blacklist. My card is from the Philippines.
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cute German

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Vegeta gets his retribution. kek
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Left or Right /a/?
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Right for days
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I like the left, but I also like the right too
>"The things that I want", by Issei Hyoudou .
>A smoke.
>A whiskey.
>For the sun to shine.
>I want to sleep to forget.
>To change the past.
>My Boucho and oppai back.
>Unlimited BOOSTO and a license to Explosion!
>Right then, more than anything, I wanted Rias.

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Tonight is the annual NoitaminA event where they will announce their lineup for July 2017.

Odds of PP3 being announced are very likely since the producer himself hinted at it last year.
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Great more pretentious Ghost in the Shell wannabe stuff
I'm hype

Stream link: https://live.line.me/channels/75/upcoming/189544

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Lets all wish Sonokawa Momoka-sama a happy birthday! ^^
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Don't fuck up my Momoka with your shitty thread
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Happy birthday my love!
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This is a Doremi thread and you're going to like it.
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I'm halfway through Sharp now, it's okay
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Why does this girl make suck lewd faces?

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Raildex thread
Why are all the saints such freaks?
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Misaki a best. A BEST.
It is a side effect of being stronger than Mikoto
I actually forgot Arisa was a saint. I need to rewatch that movie now that my no season 3 baby rage is gone.

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Who's ready for some cute dumbs?
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This chapter is pretty cute.
Next one is pretty suffering.

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How is it possible to make monthly releases and only release 10-16 pages per chapter? At this pace even Berserk will finish before Saki.
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Nobody knows. The author even has at least 3 assistants going by volume credits.
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Life is suffering. Yet an other manga I love that will never be finished and will probably just decay into mediocrity. Especially the beginning of Saki is so fucking good. And now there is barely any Saki and when she appears she never shows her true strength. I fucking hate this. If only Saki had weekly releases like Kingdom. Why can't there be nice things in this shitty world?
This is exactly why I keep my ongoing manga limited. It is truly suffering

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It's time for a Lupin thread since we have a lot of content coming out next year
Red Jacket series 1st DVD set which is up for preorder now


Blue jacket blu ray coming out next year which will feature not only superior subs, but will also have the cast from the original adult swim geneon dub with the exception of Zenigata reprising their roles

last but not least, the most recent trailer for the new Bloodspray of Goemon film which will be a sequel to Jigen's Gravestone and the Fujiko series.

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Can you at least not shill for your shitty dubs here?
>shitty dubs
dub Lupin is good though. also its more about the releases, not so much the dub. its just that the dub is relevant. dont be baby.
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posting some Cagliostro wallpaper since it is best Lupin movie.

Reina blows
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What went wrong?
real new thread

>Hibike Euphonium in the wrong slot
delete yourself

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What will her involvement with the danger girls be revealed to be? Did the omake answer it and she just happened to be in the same screening room as them and learned about them there? Or is it something more?

such as Rach being classed as a danger girl herself, but somehow managed to get her papers through for a legit home stay? We know Smith is too lazy to do paperwork, let alone verify it. It could also play into Rach's dislike of going out with the group in public, which we know is partly to save crabs fingers when he is drawing but still
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Well, Kiira is obvious, Rachnera pissed her off and flashed her goods to a bunch of men, I'd be upset too.

I don't see how she could have known what would stop Kino's spores, she only heard that a girl got the examiners high, not how or who. As for bat girl, only time will tell, but Rachnera's absence may indicate she knows her too
With our luck, she's already in the room ready to stop the new girl from trying to feed on Papi
>Muh threads
kys phoneposter

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Do you like girls in armour?
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Hell yeah

But I like girls in suits.
Yes but she needs a helmet

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Want to split a burger, anon-kun?
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Who the fuck eats a hamburger with a fork and knife?
File: 1481576453181.png (207KB, 600x979px)Image search: [Google]
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Why can't japanese girls eat burg right?
The sides of my mouth have been splitting for about a month now so they start bleeding whenever I open my mouth for something bigger than a chicken nugget.

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