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How do you feel about nazi waifus, /a/?
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Shit. Commie waifus are a real partisan's choice.
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I sincerely hope you're fucking joking
The dick knows not political affiliations.

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"What are you thinking, anon?"
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That I want to do unholy things to that belly
"Should I masturbate right now?"

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Why are those three mahou keikakus so incredibly cute?
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Quake touched me.

You wish.
Puck Puck has good taste at least.

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Phase Erika on the 19th, remain calm.
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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!
I need a break from these threads.

no escape
Was the last thread deleted and if so does anyone know why?

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Brace for impact
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Jump Festa Schedule

9:45 - Opening Stage
10:15 - Summon Monster Experience
11:15 - VA Special Duel Stage (Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, Jack, Tsukikage, Sawatari, and Obelisk Force)
12:30 - Latest Information Stage 20th Duel Road (probably where new anime will be announced)
13:45 - Duel Links Stage

>people actually think GX Super is a possibility
Stop dreaming. GX is not nearly as popular as DM. It will stay forgotten.
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Get ready for DM Plus

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We talk so much shit about Kaga and CVs, but maybe it should be Jackie Fisher's Royal Navy that should get the flak for setting the pattern of dreadnoughts and battlecruisers everywhere.
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Except that before WW2 accelerated the fuck out of aircraft design post dreadnought battleships were actually needed.
>Except that before WW2 accelerated the fuck out of aircraft design post dreadnought battleships were actually needed.
>Battleships and Battlecruisers were rarely used because everyone deemed them too important.
Battleships were a mistake.
They were worth it for how fucking awesome they were, if nothing else; and that's debatable.

It's another Thursday! Another chapter of How Much Can You Lift/What Weight Is Popular? A manga about cute girls lifting cute weights in order to leave humanity behind!

RAW Japanese Publisher Site

Read Online English

TL? Typesetter? Want bigger RAWS and a sneak peek a week ahead of everyone else?

Let's get started!
TL mentioned last thread he might be running late or miss this thread. It is the Holidays after all. Be patient and enjoy in the meantime.
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Oooh, all three girls this chapter! She did just join the Silverman's Gym, after all!
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Uh oh

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Asuka is for gangbangs and anal.
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Clammy pls.
The fuck is going on with her cheek?
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Please what?

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No chapter this week.
Lets discuss Jinbei.
Do people actually think he will join?
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He should so they can break up the Monster Trio into the Monster Quad
Fuck! I meant NOT join.
He obviously will
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Pudding is CUTE and NAKAMA.


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It's time for butts
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>It's time for butts
It's time for butts.
It's time for tits.
It's time to fap.
It's time for Cirno.
MUH. I want to FUCK/RAPE every single one of them, except the fat teacher.
Anyway, 27 minutes early for the subs OP, that only if HS delivar them in time.
So how was today's episode?

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Status of this anime
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Salt did his research
Yuri died today.

What else is there to watch for this shit?


Post your favorite reaction image.
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It was fun while it lasted gents.
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>a fucking cafe
: )
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What a shame.gif
962KB, 245x213px

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this is fucking depressing

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Why is an idol allowed to be so tantalising?
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What's with Tanaka's spam recently?

It's just /jp/ leaking
I guess she's just popular at the moment. I can certainly see why.

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