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You have already forgotten her!
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her show was shit but i'd still smash
Why chose Freya with Makina and Mikumo around?
She's three years old you sick fuck.


>Japanese salaryman reincarnated as little aryan girl commanding german troops in not-WW1

Already AOTY.
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Ottoman Empire.jpg
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no Ottomans?
Will not!Germany win this time?
Oh god, they are making this? The LN is really fucking cool.

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Chapter 70 is out and I don't know if the translator posted the update in the last thread. Ignore this thread if this is old news.

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Rem was my seasonal waifu.
Don't forget to report and filter out catfag's posts.
I was kind of worried not seeing a re:zero thread for a couple hours

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So what surprise does crab have in store for us to make up for no chapter?
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>Muh threads
Hopefully something with those minos he's started doing
Someone last thread asked about me doing a color cycle gif for Oct, I never did, however when I get home I will do pic related.
I can also do Imperium's too but I don't have it, so someone would need to post it

Did Kallen have the most versatile outfits in CG?
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How do you even get tits that big while being so slim

Because CLAMP.
it's not that rare of a bodytype

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ITT: GOTY (Girl of the Year)
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imagine her all covered in semen
Her chin and neck looks weird.
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OPT - one page thread
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Literally the best ongoing comedy manga right now.
I agree.
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Would you feel let down if Ainz never ended up bothering to try and make a relationship happen with one of the NPCs? Or would it bother you more if he did?
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I'd be more confused than let down
There would be a lot of wasted plot hooks if absolutely nothing came from it
>Would you feel let down if Ainz never ended up bothering to try and make a relationship happen with one of the NPCs?
>Or would it bother you more if he did?
I think it's there just for fan service
Yes, even in the LN
It's the whole reason Albedo was added, although it sounds like she might get some use other than that now

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Previous thread: >>150842552

Congratulations, /a/! You are invited to the wedding of Squad 6 Lieutenant Renji Abarai and Squad 13 Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki! We hope you'll enjoy the happy celebration!
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btw that picture in the op is not a fan-edit, but a read advertisement made by Jump-j Books: https://twitter.com/JUMP_j_BOOKS/status/808598315424043009

IchiRukifags B T F O
>tfw you will never marry Rukia
It's not fair!
Anime and manga sequel when?
New kubo series when?

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>[seiya] Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 11 [720p].mp4

It's time.
Today I remembered Comet Lucifer and thought "maybe no one cares about Matoi, but at least it's not Comet Lucifer".
>you thought we were joking last week
>we weren't

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Celebrate the hype for the upcoming OVA by ordering the official yuyu daki cover, today.

Note: Product may contain beans.
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Sample of the cover. You will probably need a forwarding service if you don't live in nipnong land.
I want some Yuyu merch but what little there is doesn't appeal to me.
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New Kirara cover as well.

January, but better late than never.

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What's the secret Izetta learned about the magic stone?
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The stone retcons your existence so we will get that depressing SoL where Fine is the Kaizer's abused wife.
The ultimate red pill.
Tragedy option: some sort of overdrive mode.
Happy ending option: some way to use it at reduced output that doesn't slowly kill the user.
Asspull option: some way to drain the magic from the other half of the stone.

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Why is Mimikyu not cute in the anime?

In the game it's the cutest thing imaginable.
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I think he's very cute.
Because there's an eldritch abomination hiding under that dead pikachu's skin
It's just a shroomish, man.

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>Japanese shut-in girl gamer
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you dont seem to understand how genetics work
>good looking
chopping your penis off doesnt make you a female.

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cat in the heat.jpg
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Aidoru Kotatsudou
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Last thread 404'd while I was asleep, was there simply this much time between that and this or did a previous absolutely non-general thread get hit by faggot mods?

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