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Meh. Make a wish.
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LH becomes canon
Armin remains beautiful.
If you are a true Hanjifag then you should know
>she is a based Manletfag
>her butt crust has 6 months of build up and needs to be scraped off
>manlet fucks her weeks old smelly fish taco and finishes in her by thumping her hairy gorrilla tits with his fists
>She is a mad scientist quirky special snow flake desu
>Moblit and Erwin had a dip in the brown butt butter
>her mustache only takes 2 days to grow out
>she is a sjw

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What are you expecting from David Production's Vento Aureo?
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Surprisingly less complaints than we had over their Diamond is Not Crash since the story is more linear and has less plot holes besides Fugo. I hope they handle the King Crimson scenes properly like they did with The World.
Not a whole lot.
Make teasers for La Squadra like them passing information to one another.

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So which one?
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Y'all niggas postin' in an Alice thread.
It's decided

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These are the "new manga Jump will try to push next". Black Clover has graduated from new manga!
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Isn't Samon older than BC?
No, Samon has 61 chapters, BC has 90 chapters.
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what about sex at the beach.png
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Black Clover will get a "special" announcement on the 18th

Probably Anime

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You can only choose one to sexually abuse you

who do you take?
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There's only one correct answer.
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Anyone not choosing Mari is just a fagget.

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Movie subs never
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They're coming you DUMB milky
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Why did the scanlators drop this? They got about 85% through and then just stopped. I love this guys art and his stories while usually drama filled are always well done with satisfying ends.

What gives?
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Yes and that is just chapter 1. I'm not getting invested in this until I get some answers
No one? Guess its just shit then

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What was her name again?
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Her name is Koko she is loco
Oh no.
Best girl.

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This is Galko

Say something nice about her
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She's perfect.
She makes my dick very hard

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>"anon please watch Mai Hime the series is amazing and the ending is great.
>try not to spoil myself because of the ending, check on youtube to see everyone get revived
>tell my friend the anime sucks
>next thing you know she starts to cry and dumps me

Fuck you Sunrise
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She did well.
>the ending is great.

There was no ending
Your grammar kinda sucks man

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New chapter out.
> Become a villain to become closer to your husbando hero.
> Get a poor cat/man hybrid to become a match for Brave-man
> Backfires due to the super cat giving not-Batman a challenge
> Gets upset over no attention given to her.
You know who the real victim is here? The super-cat. The shitty cat is right, working is hard. Especially with an idiot for a leader that doesn't know the basic rule of villains: win at all costs. Not being a joke of a fangirl.
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>you will never nyan nyan with General
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>1 hour with no other posts
Guess I'll dump.
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>buying print manga
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jesus christ
>buying printed webmanga
>buying digital manga

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>[HorribleSubs] Chain Chronicle - Haecceitas no Hikari (Movie) - 01 [1080p].mkv

The AOTY is finally here.
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What the fuck is it and why should I watch it?
tell us why I should care OP.
This is so fucking random, what is going on. Where is the prequel.

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Knock knock knock
Just checking to see how you're doing anon.

It's been ten years since Welcome to the NHK aired. Time flies, doesn't it?
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I've been self analyzing like crazy and
I actually a really good day WITHOUT anti depressants for once, thanks for checking on me!
Hey anon, that's great to hear.
Don't rely on anti depressants too much, like you said, you can have a good day without them. It's all about mindset.

Now before this thread gets deleted, we should discuss the anime.
What's your favourite OST?
Dammit I keep trying to watch this but I can't find a torrent of a good sub and I don't wanna keep going around torrenting every single one I find on nyaa.se in hopes that ones good, can someone recommend me a good one to search for specifically so I can finally watch this properly?

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Based Yen Press
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Fuck off yen press shills, your translations are garbage and your toiletpaper releases are shit quality.
We did it lads
>Yen Press and their shitty localization
Thank God the LN is fully translated already.

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