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Merry Christmas /a/!
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Why is King Crimson so fucking angry?
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thingken of climax
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Best color schemes
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Pig or Fairy for the gold?

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Piggy. Fairy has years and years ahead of him.

But realistically I think it might go

gold: chris
silver: yuuri
bronze: otabek

I feel like something's definitely going to happen with chris, not sure if it will be good or bad though...

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polny best jojo
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Pol just deserved to be motorboat'd.

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Place your bets, new series or DM reboot.
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new series
>most hetero protag
>looks like a grill
Why is this allowed?

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>tomorrow's announcement is not a new anime series
>instead it's a new Duel Links extension which gets announced
Why is the old DSOD promo the OP

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Why does Japan love maids so much?
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I can't speak for Japan, but the whole "classy, competent lady serving you" thing is pretty appealing. It's something a lowly peasant such as myself will never know, but I can dream.
It is a unique western concept that they like.
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What a silly question. Maids are moe. Who doesn't love servants? People like being waited on; it's a sign of the high life. It's taken even further and they don't simply serve their master(s) for money or mere obligation but feel a genuine bond with them, perhaps even romantic in nature. This is expressed with awesome concepts like the battle maid.

And of course, it's a fetish.

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Other threads not even at page 10 fucktard
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>Yayaka gets loli consolation prize

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Who will die in R3?
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Not him
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This cunt

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Who will job the most?
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Gohan obviously.
Gohan > Vegeta > Krillin > Tien
From more job to less job
Daily reminder that Toyotaro is /our guy/

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God Im so fucking mad, this anime was going 10/10 then episode 12 happens and everything went to the shitter. Why go on the tragic path and then do a full 180º and friendship power saves the world?

Before episode 12:
>If you fight you lose your bodily functions until you are just a mere husk rotting on a bed, heck you can't even root/die because heroes can't die, only suffering and despair remain.
>The fights are never going to end as the enemies are close to infinite.
>Humanity is on the brink of extinction.

On episode 12:
>The bodily functions you lose can be regained with the power of friendship.
>The infinite enemies can be beaten with the power of friendship.

Tougo was fucking great, she saw the destiny that she and her friends would get without a doubt and decides that death is far more merciful, as even the small happiness they shared could dissapear when the memory loss strike BUT NO, yuna says that even if she were going to lose her memories she still would remember Tougou, even tought Tougou is the living proof that erased memories will never return, then friendship power saves the day and everthing ends happpily.

At least Madoka had the balls to stay on the tragic ending:
>Homura failed to save Madoka and have to live without her.
>All the magical girls are still forced to fight unil they die, heck the anime ended with homura going to the battle were she was going to to die.
>Sayaka still got her bad end anyways.

The only "happy" thing about the ending was that Madoka this time choose death by her own volition and that magical girls don't become the monsters they are trying to stop.

The movie still have a bad ending as Homura decides to steal madoka's choice and still can't be toguether with her.
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Nah, Tougou was a self-proclaimed tragic heroine with clouded judgment and superiority complex, but she got shown what real strength is by other girls, the hard way.
And a happy ending was fine for this series, even if it foreshadowed upcoming tragedy when Yuuna suddenly almost collapsed during the play, which was a great touch.
10/10 series, Christmas was saved that year, no wonder it became a surprise best-seller.
>friendship power saves the world
That didn't happen, so stopped reading there.
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as far as how the ending fits, it's not that bad

sonoko after talks about they got their shit back and the yuusha system was open to more people because the gods began to believe in human courage after the yuuna fiasco. her last mankai didn't draw power from the roots, it came from within, something the gods had never seen before or probably ever believed could happen.

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Bonus for cute girls being depressed
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the average artist's ego.png
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Do you believe in parallel universes anon?

Reminder that there is an intermission chapter after 71.

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Not for Re:Zero's universe, no.
Poor Echdina, she just wants to have intellectually stimulating conversation while serving everyone her piss but the other witches just care about the piss.
My thoughts are:
I can neither prove nor disprove it, so I just ignore it.

The same question could be:
Do you believe that somewhere, bunny eared aliens with pink tentacles are watching you right now?

Ignorance means indifference for me here,

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Say something nice about Jobin before he dies/fuses, Anon.
Oh good its a small filesize.
We're safe
He somehow manages to look like a hipster in the jojo universe, thats damn rare

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New chapter came out today. Any anons available to spoil/post raws?
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If I knew how to take screencaps I would
will post it in a few minutes.
thanks. does anyone have any spoilers in the meantime

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