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New chapter, dumping gook scans. I will post this image as the OP pic to show you what to expect this chapter. Enjoy.
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Do you like tall girls?
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Yes, the taller, the better
Yes if
>Tall girl
>Short Hair
Of course!

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My wife Chino is so cute.
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My call girl Sharo is so cute
I want to grab the macaroons from Syaro, politely push her out the front door, and then eat all of them in front of the window as she watches helplessly.

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White Fox maybe the best animation studio in the industry right now.

Prove me wrong,
>inb4 muh kyoani
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white fox still relies on underpaid slave animators.

just imagine how many killed themselves over the extra work drawing those extended scenes of Subaru suffering and did not get to respawn.
their logo upside down is literally a dick with pointy balls
They make subpar adaptations of average source material. Nothing about their animation is inherently impressive. The only thing they have going for them is their ability to put together decent OSTs and OPs

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So this crap just dropped in what do you guys think?
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Is this sakuga?
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Watched it. I liked it but only because I still play it.
If you play it now you get so many free shit as part of a huge anniversity event
ded game


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ITT intellectual anime for smart people.
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Is it just me or did it feel like nothing really happened in this animu? Why is it memed so much?
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Maybe you are just retarded

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Why was season 2 so much better than season 1?
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No it wasn't. I didn't like Bishamonten and it took screentime away from the characters I liked
I wouldn't know, I never made it to season 2 because I couldn't stand the little faggot they found.
Because Season 1 dragged out Yukine's arc and was basically introduction + comedy + filler, while Season 2 was when all the world building and character development happened. Also, Noragami is the kind of series that keeps growing and getting better, so Season 3 would also be better than Season 2.

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Who here is super excited?
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I want a new writer or directors take naruto and take a huge piss at it.
Fuck off narutards

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two goddesses.jpg
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>girl with the best design isn't the main heroine
Why is this allowed?
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Eriri > Utaha > Megumi > Izumi > Michiru
I don't know what any of their names are but tan tomboy cousin is best. Pantyhose is second.
Almost every anime ever.

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>Slug people with no genitals
>Make Dende a homosexual just because

Why is the writing so terrible?
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He's not full gay, he wanted to motorboat Bulma.
But is it really gay if they have no gender?

What's wrong with just chilling on a cool palm tree sky palace?

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Would you forgive her?
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>MC's revenge us a fraud thanks to her
>All of this could had been avoided if it wasn't for her
Yoshino literally did everything wrong.
Her apology doesn't cut it. She should have told the true sooner.

>The ntr is going to end after the next few chapters
Finally. Also, Aki is best girl.
>Saw this page in the raw
>Thought she was confessing herself
>Ends up she just wants her master to get the dicking

I'm kind of disappointed.

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I want Shoe to win.
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then read the novels
I know what happens in the novels already. It'd just be nice to see it animated.
>show win
Wait for hibikek love story.
There is only like 2more eps left and they are going to da zenkocku. No time for shoeichi.

>decides to watch eva again
>tries dubs to spice things up
>pic related

How can a voice actor be so bad at something so simple?
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Is she really that bad. I remember watching the dub as a kid thinking it was pretty good actually, I thought the guy who played Shinji did a good job.
she over over-dramatises every line which cheapens the delivery. You aren't meant to cringe in the Rei Room your meant to feel shock and 'oh shit.' But she's so over the top it just comes off as if she has bi polar

Are you telling me Lelouch didn't die for our sins?
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Why would you die when the appearance of death would have the same effect?
I've never sinned, though.
Yes but he came back 3 days later

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This guy doesn't deserve such a massive harem.
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Name one harem protagonist that does.
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He deserved it.

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