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Who is the most beautiful girl of the year?
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She's not even the prettiest hime.
Luluco, probably. I'm pretty sure it's Luluco.
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Unfortunately there are no news about the anime, we know it's for next year but no new PV or anything.

Instead announcement of an official english translation was released, well a Kickstarter or some bullshit like that and the translation would come in May 2017.

Here's some stuff that came with it though

Translated trailer:

Translated prologue

And the OP
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This is the last we saw about the anime. Is anyone here hyped for it?


That seems to be how this industry goes now. Announce shit over a year in advance, only actually give details about it like a month before it goes to air. Half the time you don't even know the studio or the full staff/cast weeks in advance but you'll sure as fuck know who's doing the theme songs in most cases. Watch this ends up at A-1, it just seems like such an edgemaster thing that they'd love to animate.
We know that the producer is GENCO and the director is Susumu Kodo.

Other than that dunno, I don't think aniplex has anything to do with the series so A-1 seems off the table but then again GENCO produced a lot of aniplex stuff.

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what did they mean by this
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That an interesting opening and soundtrack were wasted on a boring edgefest
This was my first association with that elbow
I know it isn't an official image but this site is ruining me.

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>cuts all the time
>yet he never gets infected
>/a/ considers this a good manga

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Berserk is a mindless fun shounen manga, don't seek logic here.
>letting realism ruin fun

How can you enjoy any anime
Humans back then were not pussies who died at the first cold they caught

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I heard the new game killing harmony will have less people alive at the end. Do what you will with this thread.
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I just want everyone dies end.
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I'm just here for the Junko
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Why didnt Homura go back in time and find out who walpurg was? It would have made more sense to prevent the witch from becoming a thing.
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Because her mind is too focused on Madoka's meat curtains
The walpurgisnacht is a amalgamate of dozens of magical girls that became witches, not just one
Why don't you go back in time and watch the show?

Is this confirmed for anime of the year?
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The source material is shit so no.
The source material is a masterpiece so yeah.
The source material is kind of average so we will see.

ITT: Mexican anime characters
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>Name: Luxandra Frail
>Nationality: United Mexican States
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Chico Rodriguez.jpg
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Where were you when Rukia and Renji made front page news?
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>朽木ルキア嬢 ️ 阿散井恋次氏

>The Seireitei Communication
>Miss Kuchiki Rukia ️ Mr. Abarai Renji

Oh dear.

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Who was that?
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Oh, and what does it say. ¿?
Check your locker, Jun.

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Slowpoke here,
>only three arcs
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Also, Yukari Tamura.
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New depression meds for her, I hope.
Seriously? Hope this gets turned into a game then


Top 20 Anticipated Anime of Winter 2017; voted by 10,000 of its users.

01.) Gintama (2017)
02.) Konosuba S2
03.) Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
04.) Fate/Grand Order ~First Order~
05.) Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation (S3)
06.) Demi-chan wa Kataritai
07.) Tales of Zestiria the X (S2)
08.) Rewrite (S2)
09.) Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish)
10.) ēlDLIVE
11.) Hand Shakers
12.) ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka
13.) Masamune-kun no Revenge
14.) Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel
15.) Idol Jihen
16.) Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
17.) Gabriel Dropout
18.) BanG Dream!
20.) Granblue Fantasy The Animation
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Looks mediocre, I thought 2017 was supposed to be a legendary year, what happened?
>no Rakugo

fucking niwakas
>02.) Konosuba S2
That's nice.
>08.) Rewrite (S2)
This surprises me, did the nips even like the first season? It was absolutely mediocre.

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What's with the sudden surge of Matoi threads

I'm not complaining, but still
HS put out like 4 episodes at once to catch up, so us pleb HSers are being annoying as a result.

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Why is Guilmon the best qt3.14 ever?
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Because Goku voices him.
Big eyes, small head. That's what makes anything cute.
He's a puppy.

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Is he going to be the final boss?
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No it's already been confirmed that Goku will never be stronger than Beerus.

I do hope he fuses with himself though
>be all mighty-chan
>not onipresent
>there are 2 of him now

If the laws of physics works with him so he's not the creator or the most powerful god.
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He won´t appear on this arc because he has to recover.

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