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Remember that if you know your gift will be delayed, please notify your recipient and/or the Secret S/a/nta organizers so that you don't get blacklisted.

For packages:

Please give your packages at least one week to reach your recipient since the post system will be swamped horribly the closer to Christmas it gets. Monday, December 15, is likely to be the busiest shipping day of the year in the US. Try to ship on or before December 17 if possible. It may seem painfully obvious, but there is no mail delivery on Christmas Day. Receiving the gift post-Christmas takes a lot of the spirit out of the occasion.

If you haven't mailed it out yet, do it NOW. It's likely going to be late anyways by this point, unless you shell out for the most expensive shipping option.

>For the mailing-savvy
Print your own labels at home and save yourself from standing in the infinite line at the post office, or use your workplace's mailing services if it's offered. The holiday rush on and there may be lengthy waits at the post office.

For those in the US, the USPS cut-off dates for latest day to ship by to have a chance of Christmas delivery are:

>Standard Post, Media Mail, Parcel Select
Dec. 15
Dec. 20
Dec. 20 as well
>Priority Express (AKA Express, overnight. etc).
Dec. 23

and International mail:

Dec. 2
Dec. 2
>Priority Express (AKA Express, EMS)
Dec. 10
>Global Express Guaranteed
Dec. 17 and prepare to be raped by the cost

Letters take less time than packages to travel, but it is likely already too late for letters/cards sent overseas to make it in time.
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dont do this.
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>USPS cost $50 to send my gift to anon
You're lucky I think you fags are worth it.
>putting the title in the name field

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My body is ready for real Kira
Is someone livestreaming the episode?
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crazy 100.png
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Meme magic is dead. Prepare for no homo.
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Shit thread sage
It's Yuuri's wedding and Victor is the best man.

If Kurisu is so smart how did she manage to get stabbed?
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1. 2D > 3D
2. Daddy issues
Nerds usually have poor reaction
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Shitty 8.png
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What's her endgame?
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Being completely moot. We didn't even see her shooting the gun.
just finished episode 11
what the fuck is going on
>Being completely moot

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What was the fucking point of this scene? Just to bait in some yurifags?
This scene should have had shoe instead of reina.
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>Just to bait in some yurifags?
And it worked very well in the West, which is made up of really dumb people.
Really really really really really dumb people.
I think that twitter post was about the Supreme Court ruling, Anon.
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posting rares

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Did they have sex? Did Mikasa get cucked so hard that they fucked in the jail cell next to her's? Did she hear their moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin? Why is Eren such a faggot? What if Kruger or Grisha possessed Eren while he was fucking Armin? Did they have sex because Eren confirmed that the ocean is indeed real?
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ArmEren is best SnK ship.
That bed is big enough for the both of them. Although there's only one pillow, it's okay because Armin would rest his head on Eren's shoulder.
I remembered back then when SnK was a respectable series free of fujobait threads

Really makes me cry whenever I see SnK general

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>honk honk
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So many merch. I hope they'll churn out more quality power-level hiding merch.
Will they remain together seems like such an urgent question and yet on reflection feels like the wrong one.

The theme for the season is love, Yuuri said. He felt so isolated, for so long, and then suddenly here was this person, here was a connection. Here was a bridge he wanted to build and cross.

He also said, six months out from Sochi, that he had been thinking and thinking and what he wanted was to feel again what it was like to love skating.

We make sacrifices when we pursue an art. Chase a goal. Work, work, work. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, yes, but the tunnel gets narrower and narrower. If it closes in too tight there might be no more room for love.

Yuuri made a mistake in his program and he knelt down and cried. Here was all this buildup and this mountain of expectation and this crushing pressure, and in the end he wasn’t good enough.

Yurio broke the world record and halfway through his mind blanked out. His coach, watching him, was reminded of Victor. The performance was perfect. It was monstrously beautiful.

A year ago Victor won the Grand Prix. Then he sat outside alone in the falling snow with his dog and thought about what was left.

Let’s put an end to it, Yuuri said. He probably meant, I’m sorry for wasting your time.

But is it all a waste, just because you don’t win? Does it get any easier if you do? What is “it”, anyway? What was that you said about love? What was it that you wanted? What were you looking for? Did you find it while dancing in your skates on the ice? Was it there waiting for you in the streets of Barcelona?

I don’t know, I don’t know. Different people look for different things. I just want them to find it, and then I want them to be happy.

The story really is about connection. All these people and their common ground on the ice. I love it very much.

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Blonde girls are always the best girls. Especially if she is not a filthy gaijin. Prove me wrong.
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Blonde is trash.
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I can't.
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i can agree with this gentleman of refined taste

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Buyfag thread. Google the guide before asking any questions.
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Regret not picking this one up. Hope it bins in typical FREEing 1/4 scale fashion.
Terrible face, even worse hair.
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Hey, it has nice boobies at least.

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This multiverse tournament has potential but will Toriyama end up cucking us all?
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Place your bets if you think Rose will appear before they merge.
>17 and 18 ready to job
Please no


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Hey guys

I know we don't agree on things too often, but can we at least agree that Lillie is the best girl of the year?
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Fuck off
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no, but she does give my peepee an feeling so complicated.

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Even in the darkest hours of night we are Shufflin.
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>reading limited chapter9
>going to like Pam
>sudden rainbow at Pam
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>Top Girl is dead
>people still watch this trash
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Why is Yayaka so great? She saved the whole episode!
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Sorry, I'm not going to start liking her no matter how many new accessories she gets.
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I want Mimi to fuck and demean me.
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i want salt to fuck and demean me

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You're now married to the last character you fapped too, how lucky are you?

>Mikado from To Love Ru
I haven't watched or read TLR but she seems top tier
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I haven't even watched this anime, how bad is she
What if I've never fapped before?
>married to a man in a skirt

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