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Asuka is best desuka
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Why do people like gundam so much when its the same thing every time?

>earth people and non-earth people
>they're in a war with each other
>a person from each fall in love with each other
>villian wears glasses

Every single time
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They're just elaborate toy commercials. I wouldn't think too hard about it.
>Why do people like gundam so much when its the same thing every time?

Long Sci-fi space dramas dont happen often enough in anime. Gundam grew to be a staple for just that. Gundam's main message has always been about how war is bad and government can become corrupt even with good intentions in play. Mechs of course are mainly to sell gunpla/toys but more so to keep up the giant robot tradition Japan made. I understand how all Gundams seems the same and which i do agree with you on the points you've made, but majority of the time they are interesting to watch either for the mechs or the drama.
I recommend reading Crossbone Gundam if you want a change of pace.

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Was it necrophilia?
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kind of
fucking a decaying corpse is somewhat different from fucking a MOVING decaying corpse, who can actually moan and shit

p.s.: source manga is a pleasure, btw
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Considering that the MC could literally only get it off to zombies when women who'd make beautiful corpses were throwing their tits in his face, I'm pretty sure he was into it for the taboo more than the actual feeling of fucking a dead body.

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>watch/read romance
>want the main protagonist to be with anyone but the main love interest

Why do so many people watch/read these series wrong?
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In the case of this show, I was actually hoping that Ichika would go back into space with her and they would accidentally crash into the sun and die.
They were both such awful people and characters.
Recognizing that the main love interest is the worst character in the show =/= watching it wrong
It is. Why are you watching a romance if you hate the main love interest? It's their story, not whatever crack shipping you prefer.

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It's coming.
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>>151041581 (OP)
>>151041581 (OP) (OP)

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High School Kyou or Adult Kyou?
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Both are perfection.
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Adult Nagisa.

The only choice.

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Pepsi is better than Coke so I don't really mind.
This is an exciting thread
Hard mode: no Pizza Hut

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>Try to get the Nenecchi route
>get the Aoba route instead

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>Nene is not in the cover
not even japan likes her
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Keep trying.
Isn't this game not out yet?

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I swear to god if he puts it on hiatus again after a few chapters I'll find him and bust his knees.
>tfw it's real
i wonder if he's gonna draw out that balalaika arc with the doped up sniper. fuck all if i cant remember the name.

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>Wanted to become a model
>Got together with a traveling man who got her pregnant and left
>Had Ash when she was 19
>She didn't do jack shit about Ash being constantly bullied for not having a father.

Great Mom right here.
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Better than his dad, at least.

She was a pregnant teenager who raised a kid herself. Of course, the kid turned out autistic, but at least she tried. I'd cut her some slack.
>>Got together with a traveling man who got her pregnant and left
I liked the theory when the leader of Team Rocket was his father
>Fucking some random peasant girl.
I doubt Giovanni would go that low.

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How do you determine which shows you will or will not watch before the beginning of a season?
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if show = seems interesting
then try
else skip
I pretty much check out every ''decent'' looking ones and drop most of them as I proceed.
Yaoi looking = skip.
Generic theme = Skip.
Looks cute = 3 episode rule.
Moeshit = 1 episode rule.
Everything else = 3 episode rule.

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Post characters who did nothing wrong.
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He was literally an angel and got the power of jesus christ, why the fuck he lose?
because he was gay.

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Literally the devil
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What a bitch

Holy shit I was going to flip shit at that ending. And yet no one won.
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Manga was getting canceled at that time, I think.
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>giving a flying fuck about the plot
all that matters is which girl's arc it is, because that determines whose vagina is going to get a faceful of rito

Why are brown lolis so rare?
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Because it takes skill to pull them off successfully
They were hunted to near extinction.
Are they a protected species now?

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