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Why does /a/ hate isekai?
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We wouldn't if it wasn't always coupled with haremshit.
Its exclusively aimed at males most of the time and there are lots of females and moefags on this board

So they hate it because it doesn't pander to them
>Writer talk about how painfully average the MC is yet everyone loves him in the new world
>Writer copies the same stupid guild system and yen to gold conversion crap
>Writer always includes a token loli and an extended harem with no real character development other than wanting the MC's dick
>Writer almost always has the same generic teenage MC with slight differences

I just hate the shitty writers that infest any popular genre and the editors that push good writers to make it more generic.

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How many episodes are left? i thought this was the final one
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One more likely
>tfw Satou offered the player 2 spot to Tanaka
Just watched the Nakamura Shinya OVA, man would I have liked to see him meet up with the rest of the cast. Either way, will be interesting to see how they end this, if it fully ends next episode.
Satou is a miracle of the universe

So the opening lyrics of Evangelion state that Shinji becomes a legend

How does he become a legend if he and Asuka are the only two people left untanged?
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Adam and eve are legends.
The show is 22 years old and cunts like you still create 10 threads per day about it. That's pretty legendary.
>How does he become a legend if he and Asuka are the only two people left untanged?
They are not left untanged, they turned back into humans. Other humans will return as well.

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It's December 18th /a/, which means it's time for your yearly re-watch of Disappearance!

We're showing Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody and Endless 8 first, then the movie, and finishing off with Someday in the Rain.

comfytheatre co uk/films

There's also another stream happening that's showing Remote Island Syndrome: >>151104415
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Best time of the year is here.
Who's that girl?
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A goddess

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Rate the studios based on their recent works (and can count upcomming if you are convinced they`d be good). No "past glory" and "they did AOTY 10 years ago!". Objectively evaluate their performance and production capacity and talent based on last 2-3 years.

God tier:
Kyoto Animation
J.C. Staff

Great tier:
Studio Shuka
Kinema Citrus

Good tier:
Oriental Light and Magic
A-1 Pictures
P.A. Works

Ok tier:
Studio Deen
White Fox
Project No.9

Meh tier:
Seven Arcs
Studio Gokumi
Production IMS
Wit Studio

Shit tier:
Creators in Pack
Shin-Ei Animation
Production I.G
David Production

Pluse be bankrupt now tier:
Brains Base
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KyoAni is the only anime studio.
Meh tier:
Sunrise exists. Also it slacks much.

Do you ever watch anime with your family? What kinds of shows do you watch together?
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One Punch Man
>Do you ever watch anime with your family?
>What kinds of shows do you watch together?
Very carefully selected shows. None of them are really interested in anime, but I welcome that. It means they don't accidentally start a show without me and run into stuff they find disgusting.
I have watched FMA, Death Note, Code Geass, Baccano, Requiem for the Phantom, Redline, and Darker than Black with my mom. She likes anime, obviously.

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Tetora best girl.
Good taste Anon, best taste.
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Rube Goldberg Teeth Pulling.webm
3MB, 1280x720px

Reminder to get the not shitty funi version.
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We better have 26 episodes.

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Thanks everyone for participating, this is Kyousou da from the Hidamari Sketch OST:

If you're interested in playing anime music with other /a/nons please consider joining us, stuff are organized at http://jibunwooo.com/
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Where are the Hanukkah songs?
Play Haruhi

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12000 years to fuck a dog.
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Maia best Aquarion girl.
Most intolerable heroine
>12000 years to fuck a dog.
but with reincarnaton, just about everyone fucks dogs

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What exactly did she see in Shinji anyway?
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Ah, who can say. He was one of her few peers in the world though.

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Other than Murata, Clamp and Ken Akamatsu, who do you think that had produced more than 2 or more great manga or anime that isn't a continuation of their previous works?

We can see guys like Nobuhiro Watsuki, toriyama and Kishimoto reall having hard time growing out of their previous works and now are milking their old cow while it still had some worth
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Eyeshield and OPM are masterpieces faggot.
>Ken Akamatsu
>great manga
I think some guy called Tezuka made more than 1 manga.

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Why didn't he just fucking teleport away?
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because the writer didn't want him to

goku had a moment like this and couldn't teleport away because he "couldn't concentrate"
He ran out of chakra because of his bankai form
It's really big.

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her ass is a nuke.jpg
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What is your favorite quote from an anime, /a/?
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Gundam noob here. Never was into the series but it looks cool from what I saw. Which gundam series should i start with or which one is the best in terms of story, characters etc? I heard that Gundam 00 was a letdown and should be skipped is this true?
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Be a purist and start with the first 1979 show.
Start with the original 1979 TV show. It's not only the first gundam show but a great anime series on its own.
Don't listen to that people; 00 is great.
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