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Which was better /a/?
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Cowboy Bebop. Trigun is an alright show, though. Never got around to reading the manga.
Both were good but not the same thing.

Trigun was shounen shit, putting it in a different category to be graded separately.
me on the left

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Sagiri is love and best.
NBR trash because the author can't do incest anymore.
blame japan and their shitty laws

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Is he the greatest writer of anime?
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Moot's gonna ban yo...
ah right , he's gone.

fuck i feel sad now
Does he do anything right now?
Not the greatest, but definitely one of the most entertaining.

>there are people who genuinely don't think titts>ass
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There are also people who misuse the quote function.
Tits are just fake asses.
Speaking of tits vs ass, which of the Gatari girls has a great ass?

Why are traps superior over girls?

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because you like penis

Because you're a fucking faggot.
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It is not gay, if penis is feminine.

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>there was a time when SHAFT was considered a top tier studio
Kinda funny thinking about it now.
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>posting their old logo
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I stopped checking for SHAFT shows because it was most likely to do something with the Gatari series.
Their Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei adaptation was great and a fantastic mixture between their style, original's style and a lack of budget. Everything else seems to be too one-note.

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Haruhi xmas.jpg
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Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
Disappearance of Haruhi in one hour!
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I missed the earlier Disappearance stream, but I'll b here for this one
the one with the most memes of course
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Oreimo you say?

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What's her endgame?
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no dumb weevils allowed edition
Triggering SaNafags.
Smart Pudding poster

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Translated character profiles
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>another fujoshit homoshit instead of Haruhi S3
Kyoanus can go to hell.

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I watched Nekomonogatari and I've fallen in love with Tsubasa!
What do I do now?
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You rewatch Bakemonogatari and realize that you still love Hitagi.
Masturbate to her and then cry that she's not real.
>le just know what i know girl

fuck off

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Where is the monday tawawa?
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Kashima is my one true konbini tawawa.
Sorry I got bored of this crap.
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Smug tittyfucking.

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>no re zero episode today
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Why was this show so highly rated?
People identified with Rem.
by who? i hate it

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What about 'em?
Humans should be nicer to goblins in my opinion. Goblins don't do anything wrong and humies always end up killing poor goblins for no reason.

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What would you like to see in a fresh new anime focused on fighter pilots? This genre is being neglected.
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Little girls.
Dieselpunk worldbuilding, something that made Aviation anime of the past great.
Thanks for the new background!

One single little country living in a damn island produces like 100 animated works per year and seems like no one in the world gives two fucks about it.

The plots are deeper than you average -any other countries- shit, they actually have some kind of depth put into them and yet no one doesn't seem to want to recognize it.

What is the problem with the world? can't they use there are little yellow person who work their asses off everyday to actually bring a massive amount of entertainment to the people?

When will they learn?

Right now, anime songs on youtube, get around 1 - 30 million of views, you do the math, if it weren't for copyright money loving sluts that some companies conrolling the media are, the anison market would explode outside Japan.

Japan is so fucking underrated, i can't wait for the day it goes all out in popularity just like video games did, just give it time, normalfags are still light years before us, so just be patient until they catch up.

Is not our fault that the world most dominant species are the fucking normalfags, one day they will learn, give it two more attack on titan tier series and one more SAO and a miracle may happen.
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Please leave.
>i can't wait for the day it goes all out in popularity just like video games did, just give it time,

Id rather not have a bunch youtube e-celeb animals talking about a bunch of none sense they don't have a clue about. Oh wait who am I kidding it's already happened.
Nice blog. Liked and Subscribed.

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