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Why did you forget her?
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what do you see under an anime character's skirt?
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Good thread
feminine penis

Hey, /a/, let's guess sisters by their refering to brothers.

Easy mode:

Normal mode:

Hard mode:

Nightmare mode:
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Oh, I know this one. Pretty sure most of /a/ doesn't because /a/ hates this director.
Onii chan is obviously nug
>implying /a/ even watches anime

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Why does Japan always make fun of NEETs/neckbeards? They always show them as gross, fat, perverted degenerates.
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because that's exactly what they are. that's exactly what WE are.
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I don't know about you but Jintan from Anohana was pretty good looking and even Satou from NHK wasn't a bad looking guy when he cleaned up, so it isn't "always". Even in NHK the other NEET guy that they showed wasn't even fat either. Anyway, NEETs deserve to be made fun of I think. If every single one of them was portrayed to be good looking and gets a bunch of girls like Jintan, then it would only encourage people to live the NEET lifestyle.
Otaku Killer.

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The biggest disappointments of 2016.
I'll start.
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What is Macross Delta (second half)?
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I don't expect anything from modern anime so nothing disappointed me.

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How did meme anime unironically turned out to be AOTS? Has this ever happend before?
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Is nobody watching this besides me?
Perhaps if your post wasn't constructed like a 6 year old wrote it, you'd have better luck.

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People still read this?

You should have known from Yankee that the longer this author's manga go on the worse they get and the more the characters are ruined. You can have great fun with them at the start but you need to be able to drop them at the right point, in this case it was just after the first set of witches were all dealt with. IIRC it was like 112 or something but that chapter where they go on a date to a book-store would have been a perfect place to end the manga, if only the chapter was a little longer, had them advancing their relationship more and gave more closure.
This manga was so good.
I can't believe that they are so stubborn on dragging it out. How many resets have there been? I dropped it after ~100 chapters because It just didn't seem to ever stop repeating itself.
Some of us are in too deep to stop now

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Why Fujos always dominate fan made stuff?
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Female artists are bizarrely often good at doing fanart, drawing nearly perfectly on model or in cases where the source material isn't great, improving on the art in a way that doesn't lose the original feeling.
The universe balances this out though, they suck at making original works 9 times out of 10 and their life is a constant struggle to not draw smut. RIP
Men's original works also suck 9 times out of 10, but the constant struggle to not draw smut/blatant erotic fantasy stuff is true.
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>they suck at making original works 9 times out of 10

That's wrong you fucking retard, go back to /co/.

what animes have the hottest OVA-s?
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They released a new OVA?
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Rainbow dicks.webm
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The hottest OVA ever. I cant believe its not hentai.

This type of censorship should become the new standard.

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How did Indira even know that he will awake mangekyu after killing his followers/friends ?
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why did this guy rejected the hashimeme arm?
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He is not obito

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Why was Eva so influential?
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It made mecha not a completely shit genre.
It made original TV anime a thing
Made with love by someone who had a lot of things on his mind.

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Would you adopt this?
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Can I fuck it?
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Canada Cat a shit

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Why did this get serialized again?
>shitty art
>mediocre plot
>literally has no good point
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Shonen Jump is desperate now that they've lost several popular titles.

They used to be so smug, axing manga that doesn't meet their expectations, but now that their pillars are crumbling, they'd eat any shit some mangaka would throw at them.
No thing
ESL-kun found a new target now that World Trigger is on hiatus
gotta chill ESL-kun, this is like the 4th thread you made in 2 days

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Binged this in an hour and I'm hooked; awesome imagery and symbolism.
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When the next volume is out. That's the way the translator does things.
Little tranny ruined everything
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Yeah, it felt a bit too heavy handled and preachy for my tastes. I thought 1-5. Reminded me of some western storyline.

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Not so heavy now, is she?
char wouldve been better that way too. those damn bastards robbed us of something good

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