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ITT: The exact moment where the Dragonball franchise became unredeemable shit
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After Z ended of course.
Zangya is love
Zangya is life
Zangya is everything
Zangya is a miracle of the universe
Zangya might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
When Z began of course

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So.... Did they fuck?
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Did they fuck ?
Considering the timeline that's supposed to take place in, nope. They already had a lot more skinship than would be socially acceptable in that era, mostly because Togame didn't quite consider Shichika human at first.

Haha. No.

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Binge read the 103 translated chapters of Boku Girl last night. Shit is cash, even if it makes me feel weird inside. I read that /a/ does(did?) some of the translation work on the series. There hasn't been a new chapter in two and a half months. Where can I find more, or when can I expect more?
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Live translations were completed a long time ago.
Find them on desuarchive.
Thank you! Auuugh, I can't believe it's only 107 chapters. I want more!

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>Time travel again to 2nd year junior high
>Police girl won. Sayo disappeared.

>Police girl and MC became a couple a year ago after the MC almost died trying to save her.

This sounds like another recent anime series....
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Was his dick ever drawn? Flaccid should be okay according to law.
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Hotaru swimsuit2.jpg
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This is a Japanese elementary schooler.
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How old?
She's also a rapist.

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Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday!
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that was a comfy ass show
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Thoust double digits confirm thine suspicions.
It probably is overrated and sorta cliche
but I love it anyway, pretty much everything about it just feels right too bad S2 will never happen, there's more than enough manga content for it

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This is Ako, I love her.

I want a future episode/ or episodes to be about the team checking out eroge.
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She is nice, very nice, but not as good as pig.
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Pig is still best girl.
God damn light bloom

Why do people like emiya?
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Believes in himself and committed to his values
Justice and swords and shit

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For me it's Kira Yoshikage - intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor
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Is this a meme now
Is this a gay version of the joker?

This is a Japanese high school girl.
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I would rail her from behind until my dick went numb.
There are plenty of fat high school girls in America too.
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I wonder who's behind this post

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pic related
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Bert deserved life.
any explanation to non-shifter "intelligent" titans?
there are at least two notable cases, one is the climbing titan back when the survey corps was trying to capture annie, the other is the quadruplent.

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Dumping the latest chapter. Looks like they reached the raws. It's Despair time.
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Midori is too cute

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What a lonely thread
Just like you in Christmas

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when he geassed Nunnally
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When he murdered Shirley and her dad, I wish he dies slow in R3.
He realized that anyone really can change the world, it's just a question of what you're willing to sacrifice to make it happen. Lelouch wanted to make a peaceful world for his sister and he was willing to sacrifice the black knights, Japan, any number of britannians, and Britannia itself to make it happen. Then, he wanted to make a peaceful world for all mankind, and was prepared to sacrifice even more, his sister, his friends, his past work, countless civilians, his soul, and even his life. So he did
When he let suzaku kill him and left the world to the plebs. And in R3 now he has to return and undo his own evil.

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