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>95% of modern anime is fucking garbage and hikis are scum

Was he right?
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>95% of post-1950s anime is fucking garbage
Jojo reference?

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Does this stop being so boring any time soon?
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It was a great show from episode 1. Download some taste.
>shit sucky yaoi
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Posting tits

Name a better dbz villain
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Toei animation
You win

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Spoilers never.
Las thread died quickly didn't it?
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It became a regular occurence that Saiba served the students at the dormitory his failed dishes.

Even though Jun joined the dormitory very recently, she already became a prey of Saiba's failed dishes

Saiba apparently is going to participate in the next year's World Young Cooking Competition, known as the "THE BLUE"

As Dojima and Azami are excited to hear the news, Saiba challenges them to a battle

Saiba wins the battle with ease. Dojima and Azami are frustrated that they lost.

Saiba: "This dormitory is the best place"

The next day, the students at Totsuki have assembled to celebrate Saiba's participatin in "THE BLUE"

But there are around 50 students that accuse Saiba of having bribed the officials from "THE BLUE" and that's the only reason why he is allowed to participate

Dojima tells Saiba to ingore them but Saiba ignores Dojima's advice and suggets to the 50 students to do a 50 vs 1 RĂ©giment de Cuisine and the one who wins will win the price to participate in "THE BLUE"

The 50 cooks get defeated one by one as Saiba demonstrates his overwhelming talent. As Saiba is getting bored, he tells 10 of them to come at him all at once. They say that there was no way to defeat the prodigy and seem to have given up but Saiba grabs them by the neck.

Saiba: It must be pretty easy to call someone a prodigy despite not knowing how difficult and challening it is to keep pushing the way forward huh?!!

Saiba: If you don't have any intentions to present your dishes, then stop it now!

Saiba: I will finish you off then!

Dojima: (When I think of it, it was since this time that Joichiro started to not show his smile anymore while cooking)

Azami: ...Wonderful

Dojima: People like to call him with different names

Dojima: A true Genius! A Pioneer! A Revolutionary! A Pioneer of Taste!

Dojima: But since this day.... Joichiro obtained one more name

Dojima: Demon (Ashura)
It'll be a regular thing until spoilers or until the series starts picking up again.
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Azami's wet dream.jpg
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I'm still thrilled about Azami's edgy homolust being true.

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santa yui.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

3 days!

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It's so close I can taste it
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Is it Christmas yet?
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2nd Christmas without moot.


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Heaven or Hell?
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Those chins could kill a man.

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Retro/Pre-2000 Thread
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Kishimoto's art was so much better back then
File: NARUTO03_0204+0205.png (492KB, 1530x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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It really was. Felt like a mix of Fujita and Otomo.
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>"I won't kiss you again till you win gold"

CONCEALED CONFIRMED & Next Kiss scheduled for S2!

Now let's drink these delicious hetfags tears!
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Interrogation mark (5).jpg
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>for a show about faggots on ice skates doing twirls and jumps and holding each other closely in tight-fitting outfits
THIS. Thank you MAPPA and take all my money!
Hetdreams were crushed after the first episode.

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Do you "turn your brain off" when you watch anime?
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If you did you wouldn't be able to automatically breath and die.
No, but I do when I come here.
Depends what the anime is.
Say Udon no Kuni from this season, then yes, fuck thoughts cute shit first just enjoy the cute, no don't care it's a stupid premise, cute.
Other times if there's supposed to be politics, or convoluted plans or rambling exposition that's not really an option if I wanna enjoy the show

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Shhh! You'll wake them.
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File: 1482181595138.jpg (40KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT Anime people pretend to like
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What kind of relationship do Madoka and Honduras have now? Will she forgive her?
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"Madoka" wanna plant her banana in Homu.
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>not madagascar

Fuck Tatsufaggot, fuck pinchi, fuck dragon dicks fuck everything. Best girl deserves better.
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>Best girl
Pic unrelated.
Esdeath is shit and deserved what she got.
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I can certainly think of one character who would give Esdeath's end a thumbs up

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>tfw you try to watch yuri on ice because you thought it would be some winter themed lesbian hentai but it turns out to be 10 gay niggas ice skating
what happened to anime?
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hayao miyazaki gay quote.jpg
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Hayao Miyazaki has been warning us about this degenerate filth for years
Remember that if you like yuri but think yaoi is wrong then you're basically Chris-chan.

What was the deal with chris and viktor anyway. He looked pretty upset seeing him with yu~ri

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>your erotic fapfic or crappy crack pairing fan manga can possibly be turned into an anime with all the original voice actors voicing it
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Nice rock you're living under
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Katawa Shoujo anime when?
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Is that why they made Sasuke's child a girl?

So they can have NaruSasu without the gay?

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