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It is here
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>Nao Touyama "wins" again
Everything wrong with anime is in this one picture. Juvenile fanbase, commercialization, moeshit, dumb marketing.

Is KMB that well known in Japan that she'd still be up there?

How do we fix Chinatsu Yoshikawa?
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you dont. embrace their transformation
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love live.png
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especially this extra deliciously hairy nozomi

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dumpster loli.jpg
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Would you accept her to be your little sister?
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Is she nice
what size are her feet

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i want to get this off my computer already, so i'm just gonna dump it (unfinished, but who cares)

it's easily the pinnacle of manga

and here's useless text/stuff i couldn't be bothered to redraw

>Third's Winter Daigen Festival
>From the Daigen recruitment on twitter, say welcome to their published debut!
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woops, off to a great start.
didn't even post the right image.
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>Mixed bathing with a demooon??!
>Whether or not Diaburo is truly a "yuutopia" (play on words; yu = warm bath/bathwater) is up to you!!
>Diabolic Bath
>Presented by ohana-chan
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sorry, blah blah blah, too lazy for this shit no one will or should read

>The water temperature... the feel of the water...
>I don't even know what to call this bath.
>Yet, it feels nice enough that I think I could even get hooked on it.
>It's exactly what I'd call "demon-like"!
>To add to that, it's not a demon I'm bathing with, it's a beautiful girl! And she's even got huge tits!!
>Honestly, it's the beest!!!

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A shitty smut manga actually.

It's not worth it.
I don't know what this is but I bet nothing happens.

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Merry Christmas /a/nons !
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Merry Christmas from the loveliest and sweetest secondary girl who isn't a teacher or a sister
I want to _______ Isshiki Iroha during Christmas.

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>tag:tall girl, sole female, sole male
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You are now a writer for Dragonball Super and have to come up with a way to make Super Sayian 4 fit into the plot. What bullshit do you pull out of your ass?
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Evil version of SSGS. I mean like c'mon, he has eyeliner.
U6 version of SSJgod
Goku gets angry so he goes ssj4. Done.

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Karen Intrigue.gif
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Characters who end their sentences with the suffix -desu are usually the best in their respective series.

True or False?
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole christmas.
I started reading that then when a character was supposed to speak English she still spoke Japanese. Dropped desu.
Karen is a god

Can we have a Christmas episodes thread? I'll start.
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> inb4 KissXSis Christmas sluts
Watching the k-on one right now
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Best episode of the series

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Why are fujos flocking to this show so much?
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Because it runs in shounen jump?
Because superheroes are largely a genre built on the homoerotic tension between sweating men wearing tight outfits, which is like honey to fujo.

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Christmas DAL thread?

I just watched the movie. What did you think of it?
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The movie was a bit on the short side. When does the new vplume come out?
It was okay. Anime movies based on TV shows/LNs/manga are usually just 6/10 stuff. Been that way since the days of Ranma. I hope season 3 is as good as season 1 was.
Movie was terrible, so was S2 really. Such a shame because I really enjoyed S1.

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What are some mech designs that you love?
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controversial but I don't care
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Anything Impractical Dakka
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Rahxephon Close up.jpg
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love the chinstrap, kinda reminds me of egyptians

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At least crop the adds out.
not relevant to the question
Something I've always wanted to create since I've seen it. In my own opinion, I'd call it a Muscle Restraint/Improvement System.

Mashiro is a real cutie patootie

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She has autism.
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She's and adorable autist
I'd like to plan C her.

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