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Merry christmas everybody. Today we have a special episode. Because why not.
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Hurray, I've been waiting for you!
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[Title is 'Ninjutsu']
Uchimura Keiko
Chiaki-kun's mom. A kinda mischievous 45 year old

While I was cleaning my son's room,
Oh me oh my...

That kid
He hid this underneath the futon.
And it's not even opened...

"We're home!"
"Whoa oh dear! If he finds me, he'll get mad... "
"Ninja disappearing jutsu!!"

"Excuse uuuuus"
For anyone wondering "what's that box?", you'll understand when you're older.

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What's the worst show of 2016 you've watched till the end?
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Phantom World
I legitimately thought Mayoiga was a good show and enjoyed watching it.

I think the worst show of 2016 is Big Order.
Anne Happy

What if you like both?
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As long as you don't like Mari you're cool by my book.

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You are a broken person. Asuka and Rei represent the eternal struggle, the duality of man. You can't just love both, its one or the other. Just like the war for heaven there is no middle ground. Its either God or the Devil, you have to select a side

Asuka is the correct side, if you were wondering

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Shoud I read JoJo colored or black and white one? Reasons?
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Colored. It's sometimes hard to tell what's going on when reading black and white.
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More Mai's Himes, when?
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When LoveLive ends
>More Mai's Himes
It's her Tokiha's anon get it, Tokiha's

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Alright, /a/ tell me if you think girls should like you if you are nice to them or save her life.
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>being nice
>saving her life
if she asks you if she could do ANYTHING FOR YOU then have sex wiith her and dump her
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People in general should have the tact to be nice to someone who saves lifes.

>Being nice means someone should like you
Im a functioning member of society, of course thats not true
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>girls should like you if you are nice to them
No, relationships don't and shouldn't work that way. Though I don't see how this has much to do with anime.

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do you think is worth to start watching a long ass anime? Or just put the same time and effort on tons of good series?
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You will forget about them as soon the next arc begins so, unless you're a real 3D autist with nice memory, it's not usually worth it.
If you enjoy them then why not. Beware, once you've watched a long-running shounen you've basically watched most of them as they're all very similar. That's a lot of time investment for a genre so repetitive.

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HNNNNNG: The manga.
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>Pedophile importing some underaged 4th worlder for a "wife"

Yeah right.
I forgot that you have to be 18+ to enjoy a good comfy manga.
Your wife also has to be 18+ you goddamn pedophile.

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fall 2016 anime.jpg
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How can anyone compete with Kyoani?
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They can't so nobody tries anymore, they all just want to be KyoAni nowadays
The key is to pay animators well, and give them benefits.
Well if most anime weren't produced so poorly you wouldn't be rushing to find any key animator available.

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It's time.png
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>Attack on Titan Season 2
>New season of Gintama
>Season 2 of Konosuba
>New season of Blue Exocist
>More news on Season 3 of Code Geass

How do you feel about Winter 2017 so far, /a/?
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>blue exorcist

Why? The first season was 6 years ago.
Don't forget Little Witch Academia like you did with the link https://myanimelist.net/anime/season
Anything could happen, anon.

ITT: We honor based minor characters. Who are these men and women? Perhaps we shall never truly know, but they did something to make us remember them despite their small roles that, in many cases, didn't even impact the story that much.
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renaud gankutsuou.jpg
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This guy from Ping Pong the Animation.
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This virgin from Gantz. He had like two scenes and then died beautifully. I liked him, and everyone should like him too.

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I've always hated this quote.
its tru tho
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Fuck it isn't

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Which of these Overrated Shits was the most overrated?
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Re Zero
Konosuba. The rest at least /a/ acknowledges is shit.
The top row because none of the ones at the bottom are mainstream.

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It officially comes out tomorrow but some people have already got their hands in it:


Hopefully someone uploads the whole thing soon. It and the first 4 episodes were the only good thing about the whole show.
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I want that fucking jazzy song that they used in the first PV.
Amazon.jp has 45-sec samples

Man. Am I too greedy hoping for a S3? This show was pretty damn awesome.
Not sure how well received it was though in nipland.

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This is a Japanese doll.
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yeah sorry gonna have to call bullshit I'm not seeing any dolljoints
Why does she spin like that?

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