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Would you destroy a destroyer?
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Her outfit looks better on traps.
Kill yourselves.

No one has married your waifu, right?
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No, because she's dead.
No, she's an aggressive christmas cake
That guy did, I am not pleased.

So why is it that no one mentions the original Beyblade series when talking about the best sport anime? I rewatched it all and damn I loved it compared to most other sport anime. Intense battles, really good trashtalk, character development, and at times really deep. Thoughts?
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Post that pink haired one from it.

Mariah sure was my childhood crush
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I just found out there was another new series called Burst after catching it on Disney XD. It seems way way better than that last series with the red hair MC. Actually good enough to watch, I may actually watch the subs if someone subbed it. Plus MC's mom was hot.

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The Chaos;Child PV is out.

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I just hope they won't reveal the bad guy in the OP this time.
if i liked steins gate will i like this?
man, the character designs look so generic

Why is this so underrated?
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Because they're destined to be a mob

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Post best girls of their respective series.
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This has got to be the third time this thread was posted today.
Welcome to /a/, where not a single person is capable of an original thought. Look forward to other smash hits like "how much value do you put into visual direction" and "this is a [...] tonight".
that bitch is annoying. not as annoying as Euphemia and Nina, though. Kallen is the best female character in CG.

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How does Kei's dick survive from being surrounded by cute witches and bitches.
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They're all releated, dead or a different species.
Saving himself for Nao
S2 when?

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>people still pretend Shinji isn't straight
Pic related
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I know a guy that watched half of evangelion and swear Shinji is gay because of Kaworu. I try time after time to explain it to him but he refuses to listen
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Shinji is bi, or confused or whatever
To be honest, I love Kaworu, you know it's like that subconscious admiration of a character. He's kind, good looking and I kinda want to be like him. But I'm not gay, it's like that I think, non-sexual subconscious love of a person, admiration, desire to be near him, I think I understand Shinji on that.
He is gay, m8. sorry you self inserted as she.

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Post 10/10 endings.

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Not bad. Loving the visuals as well.



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What is the appeal of Shimakaze
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She was the lewdest of the vanilla shitgirls. Now she's old and busted.
I'm not sure yet. Can you post more?

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What the fuck, this isn't like the ashnime!
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People still read Pokemon porn?
That's the official manga my man

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Perfect anime don't exi-
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>shitty AzuDai wannabe

Welp, guess you're right, they don't.
Azumanga invented CGDCT, but K-ON perfected it.
Nah it outright stole the formula and added sickening moeshit to it. The only semi-decent character was the chick with the glasses.

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To Love-Ru Darkness will get some anouncement http://otakomu.jp/archives/482038.html

Before you start make hype about 3 season do not forget about waiting for uncensored BDs
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It'll go weekly from january. You heard it here first.
Spoilers for new chapter soon?
tell me when it goes full H

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Dumping the newest chapter.
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File: p-003.xhtml_0.png (1MB, 836x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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With every season that passes anime seems to get worse. Why is anime getting worse?

Just look up [current years] anime list. It´s a list full of shit.
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Great thread, 10/10.
Idk i liked jojo, drifters, and mob psycho.

Anon do you have any other hobbies?
Make your own anime then

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