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And the reward for Protagonist Of The Year goes to
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I hate him so god damn much.

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TV anime adaption when?
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Never ever EVER because the fanbase is too niche, probably.

It's not quite moe enough for iyashikei regulars, nor tilted inward enough culturally for general otaku, and too few patricians are aware and invested enough to support it financially.

At least the OVAs are good, and the manga itself is still tops.
hopefully never, i don't want it ruined
We got 4 ovas already, anon, and they are all great.

besides the industry today doesn't deserve it

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Perfect girls don't exist.
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Mori summer!
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In real life? Well, that's true. Why else did real life people turn to 2D?

you finished the sentence!


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what's the most efficient method of killing an anime character?
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Japanese truck and the driver has a Japanese cold.
kill it's Seiyū
Seiyuu scandal.

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Decided to watch Code Geass since everyone on /a/ has been talking about it, and damn this girl is annoying as shit. Please tell me something bad happens to her.
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She fails
ITT: Euphiefags still mad
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>he doesn't know

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Is anyone translating this? It's from the same artist as T-Rex na Kanojo, but I can't even find an anglicized title.
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What am I looking at?
Is that a giant fluffy centipede?
I believe so, yes.

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3x3 thread, rate everyone!

for the paint impaired: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php
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shameless self bump
>separates tv and movie anime
>uses shot from movie for the tv series
what is your brain
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I don't get the bebop one but
++ Black Lagoon, FLCL, Lain, Planetes, Eva + EoE, Mind Game, Perfect Blue, MInd Game
+ Usagi Drop, NIchijou, NHK, Akira, GITS, Jin-rou
+/- Garden of Words, 5 cm

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what happened?
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Something happened.
>Episode 10

Fuck, I thought we are still on 08 or 09.
Actas happened.

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this guy is fucking annoying
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A-HAHAHA! A-HAHAHA! to you too, OP.

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Does Kentaro Miura have A manuscript of the ending of Berserk in case he bites the bullet? 2016 has been ruthless so far when it comes to deaths and there's only 4 days left.
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Of course he doesn't.
Even if he does, it will probably never be finished since there's no one suitable to keep drawing it and the publisher wouldn't want to just tell everyone what happens in text form or something.
>no one suitable to keep drawing it
lol no, there are many no name artists on Japan that can replace Miura and keep up with deadlines. Japan should stop keeping morons who can't maintain with job schedules

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Let's not forget the hero who saved Christmas
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We all saw her awesome fight, OP.
How can they make this month's chapter even worse?
Is it even possible?
It's always possible.
Is everything fire yet? LN when.

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What happened to real omnipandering shows like Code Geass or Gurren-Lagann? Everything these days is firmly for guys or girls.
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Some kind of separatism happened on nippon around that time.

But usually the Seinen anime is also omnipandering to both genders as well.
Hibikek isn't omnipandering?

This. KyoAni has plenty of omnipandering.

Why does /a/ hate Your Lie in April but praise garbage like Hibike?

Shigatsu has
>better music
>better visuals
>better writing
>better melodrama
>no forced pairings

It is better at being an anime about music than Hibike. It is better at being a drama show than Hibike.

Yet /a/ will still pretend that Shigatsu isn't miles better than that Hibike and will pretend that Hibike is good at all.

What gives?
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because it's popular
>>better music
>>better visuals
>>better writing
>>better melodrama
>>no forced pairings
There aren't in Hibikek either.
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It's more liked on tumblr or whatever site, besides they are to young for the drama. Anyway I think the story was better achieved than other shows like Clannaids or Angel Beats.

Season 3 trailer clip has surfaced on youtube as o December 23

Lelouch's return inches closer more.

How is Code Geass going to impact next years hype dynamics for winter and spring seasons 2017?
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> That image.
Does this mean that Akito was canon?
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I hope those two mysterious figures are who I think they are.
I'd wager op just used that picture because the only R3 material we have is that shitty camrip

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How did the TV anime industry go from having one animation director per show to 10+ animation directors per episode? Will the industry eventually collapse like Anno predicted? Soon most airing shows will need to be delayed to meet the schedule. How did it get this bad?
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Anime industry will never collapse. Long as theres demand, theres supply.

Given how shitty the profit margins are, there might be industrywide shakedown but beyond that propably nothing.

>Soon most anime shows will be delayed
>Amount of directors per episode
Source:your arse k
>Anno predicted

The man is a hack who only milks his one successful franchise, why do people even listen to these so called aging experts on a market they barely have any control over themselves?
He's killed people so he knows something

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