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Subs are out
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>being this desperate
>not waiting for commie
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And beautiful Kissshot from Reiketsu

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>MC is a lolicon
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>MC is asexual
>MC is a loli
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>MC is a lolicon
You rang?

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mami light.jpg
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Daily reminder that Mami is, and will always be, best girl
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mami catgirl.jpg
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Mami a best
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mami lewd 2.jpg
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Mami a lewd

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No TOC so prediction thread

-Ibitsu no Amalgam
-Spring Weapon
-Sesuji wo pin
-Demon's Plan
-Hinomaru Zumou

-The Promised Neverland
-Ole Golazo
-Kimetsu no Yaiba

-Shokugeki no Soma
-Black Clover
-Samon wa Summoner
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I'll miss it. You really think Jump would have made that damn gorilla keep going.
I haven't been paying attention to WSJ for a couple years though. I don't know of half these series but congrats to them for survive the one year ax point.
>-Black Clover

Heh, no.
Sesuji is already on the rise.

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treize khusrenada.jpg
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Was he right or just insane?
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How can a man who picks Lady Une be insane?
>picking the worst girl
seems pretty insane to me also
>dr. pavel
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She's loyal, determined, and capable; three traits not associated with insanity.

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I really love the convenient censorship of Love-Ru, in every chapter I always try to find the pussy, either in a reflection or representation. I wish more ecchi were like this.
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Yeah, real fucking subtle there, Yabuki.
I doubt most mangaka can get away with a quarter of what Yabuki's allowed to. The man was built a legacy.

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Was this the birth of anime kino?
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/tv/ is for live action film discussion, ya dingus
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It found a way.

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aku no hana.jpg
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So what is it that /a/ has against Aku no Hana's anime adaptation
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Gee, I wonder.
I enjoyed it.
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>realistic looking characters are a bad thing
>for something based on heavy realism and angst
The rotoscope sets the tone much better than the manga

File: C0Xq12pUQAEmzW2.jpg (86KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Well, could be worse. Everyone sounds like I expected them to, though.
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>another haremshit with faggot and boring MC
Don't forget the heaps of censorship
Wow,that's soon.

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I see why /a/ heavily recommends this show in most threads

truly a classic
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what anime? she looks cute
bible black
Doraemon (1979)

> Cute girls exercising indoors
> I marathon season 1
> They are wearing socks every episode

What was the point?
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Smelly socks.
>he doesn't like cute girl sock sweat

Wow what a faggot OP is
Easier to draw,

Why won't she just call the cops?
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Because then we wouldn't have porn.
Because she likes it.
because they will stop raping her.

I've never seen this anime mentioned here (or the manga, by the way). What's /a/ consensus on it?

It's a really cool concept, though Hirano's writing can be really tiring. The katana slicing through the longsword triggered me so much I was about to drop it, and I'm sure a lot of anons hated it too, but besides those moments of weabooness, nationalistic masturbation and the edginess of having Jesus as the final boss, it's quite enjoyable.

Drifters thread I guess.

Sorry for the lazy image.
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>I've never seen this anime mentioned here

Lurk more
Unfortunately it was AOTS. Everything else was just that bad.
I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I won't enjoy waiting years for it to be continued.

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Why do people say that she does enko?
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Because they've never played the game/watched the show.
Slutty look and design

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The chances of getting Nami vs Pudding are so high now.
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You guys are all invited to /our/ wedding!!
File: yotsuba_by_lynadeshiko.jpg (149KB, 710x423px)Image search: [Google]
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Why would Nami attack Pudding for trying to save Sanji?
3rd for SanjixNami becoming canon soon

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