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Post characters that unironically did nothing wrong.
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generic MC.jpg
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ITT: Stuff that makes you drop a series before even start watching.

Pic related, when the MC has this fucking cliche haircut I already know that the whole series is pure garbage.
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>52+ episodes
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When I saw this cover art I knew that I should stay as far as possible from this piece of shit.

Instead of fucking one of them, you can choose to become one. Who do you choose?
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The little girl.
the one with subpar animation
Aqua, I would love to eat my shit.

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Webcomic updated. Manga will update on the 30th with 43 pages
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Guys I got it

King walks up and slices the apple like a knife.

Everyone interprets king style as the simplest actions to get the results are the best.
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Atomic is pushing it

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How long is this going to take? Just believe her you cunt.
>Just believe this person that claims to read people's minds without any proof
Mana did nothing wrong.

>okonomiyaki = pancake
Do you think Commie will translate 'spaghetti' into 'noodles' as well, or is it only for Japanese things they do this?
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Serves you right
It's just Japanese and English that they hate. Everything else is fair game. Go watch their Girls und Panzer and remember to shit on them whenever the opportunity presents itself.
>remember to shit on them whenever the opportunity presents itself
Very well.
I've noticed, ever since OreGairu, that they have become more accepted by the general masses.

Though, I have heard they own Nyaa, which, if true, means they're just going to ban me should I voice my displeasure there, wouldn't it?

Be honest, how hard did you laugh at this scene?
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Is this evangelion?
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>anime constantly tries to shock me but fails everytime
>obligatory religious imagery to seem "deep"
>doesn't impress me
>characters stay the same for 99% of the show
>ends on a pretentious tryhard note without being once genuinely interesting or entertaining

I can see now why reddit loves this anime so much and why I was bored with it. It's just nostalgia
Yeah and it looks so bad.
It's like 30 years old, how can people watch this ugly shit?

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I think it's interesting the way they combined the symbolism of Ancient Greek astrology with the Tree of Life from the Zohar (kabbalah) here. Am I the only one who noticed this?
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Date a Live.
they just threw together all the mystic symbols they could find
I doubt there's any deep meaning behind any of it. Looks like another case of "we put it in because it looks complicated".

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This girl. I fucking hated her in S1, but she's growing on me. Complex character.

>Community helper, her guild loves her, tradeswoman, cute, attractive.

>Vigilante by night, kills off bad guys. Was after the princess' head but got convinced to work for her instead.
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Rose a shit.
I agree, she has a sense of justice but is still a bad-ass cutthroat who'll slit a motherfucker's throat, but then perhaps regret the repercussions because she can't quite dull herself.
I never bothered to play the games, so I'm not sure if people know how it'll turn out, but I hope she doesn' become a mini-Shepherd with Dezel's wind powers.
Fuck off Baba.

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Only if I get to flirt (and drink) with an ageless goth loli goddess and a cute blue haired genius mage, and end up over my head when they accept my advances.
Elf a shit.
Does the deal come with a cute short girl with huge tits versed in CQC?

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What went right bros?
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Stay there.
>show gets more seasons
>only the people who liked the previous season will bother
>seasons after that get rated higher in return

It's simple to understand if your IQ isn't double digits
>if your IQ isn't double digits
So basically, if your intelligence is above average?
Can you call that simple?

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Choose one.
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Obviously B.

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Update 223
In this thread let's discuss Tower of God.
Who will die on the Floor of Death?
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Look you stupid motherfucker. I won't even report your thread.

Just chill the fuck out and try making a new one a few hours from now an don't make it so god damn obvious. You're just spoiling the shit out of the handful of anons, including you, that want to discuss this for at least a dozen hours if not a few days.
a) There is a thread about this already.
b) Why is the art so bad?
c) What the fuck is this shit, the dialouge is so wannabe anime it hurts

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It's literally never happened even once in the history of Japanese animation.
Fuck off.

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What, watermelons? You do that in the summer at the beach.
>girls looking all innocent in lewd underwear as if they were wearing everyday clothing
fuck me lads i found me a new fetish
This fucking cute, innocent but also expecting smile gets my dick harder than anything else

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