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What is your favorite opening song /a/?

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Only judging the music? I post the full song because all the OPs I can find have terrible quality.
never fails to put a smile on my face

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No one asked this, but here it is


Part A:

Part B til Part D will be streamed every weeks, from January 24th til February 7th.
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I can't imagine it's going to be anything good. The story has already been told
I don't care as long France wins
What is going on?

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If she hates the sun, why does she wear such a short skirt??
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Because she loves the cock.
You don't wear a short skirt?
School regulations. Nips are a bit autistic about that

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which snek?
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i'd say both,

but let's be honest would any one of you really be able to survive a night with these two at the same time?
Neither. Ilias was right.
Left is objectively superior.

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How do you feel about Hand Shakers?
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Pretty much summed up my thoughts on it already.
Potential best anime of the season
I haven't seen it yet but /a/ is calling it AOTY. I don't know if they're being ironic or serious.

What will be the saviors of anime from Fujoshi trend?

As it stands now competitors for Hero role are:
1) Isekai anime. We`ll be getting plenty of those in the future, and its great.
2) Mobage adaptations. Bahamut, Granblue, Chain Chronicles, dozens others including some this season. The main advantage being big budgets since comopanies who order them can pay, as well mostly original stories since Mobage stories itself are rudimentar at best mostly (granblue being exceptino). Still waiting for Horse Girls by PA Works.
3) Chinese anime. Every season now there is more and more chinese produced/or produced for chinese in cooperation with Japanese anime titles. So far 90% of them are shit, but they are steadily improving. The Avatar (about MMO PvP esport) financed by Tensent might be the first sign of big budget and good looking shows to come.
4) Yamakan making a come back.
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>saved anime
>by making a hollywood summer flick
yeah, no.
I'd take 1000 fujoshit which I will never watch over one more Isekai garbage. That's for sure.

I think we are in the age of anime movies. Pretty much nothing and no one will save seasonal anime but there will be a rush to make the next Your Name. When all of those fail the money will probably come back.
Anime is being saved constantly by Dogakobo

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No waterfags allowed
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>Wiz Wednesday in two days

Feels good man
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What's the point of sacrificing a limb to do free hand alchemy if you can accomplish the same effect with a few tattoos?
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>have to get buff to have the surface area in order to properly draw the alchemy circles
Ed could never get /fit/ enough with that midget body.
>I bought myself a shake weight. TEN MINUTES A DAY, EVERYDAY!
>with a few tattoos
And a few thousand lives

You Groove You Lose.

Starting with a classic
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You have already lost.
Will never not be the best

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Based translator on /fgog/ translated a bunch of stuff from the UBW bonus novel


Ctrl-F Garden of Avalon for it

>-Lancelot had heard rumours of King Arthur from across the sea, but pretended not to be interested because he thought of himself as the ideal knight, and headed to Britain in the first place because he didn't like how he was being compared to him.

>-Lancelot claims that Agravain knew Artoria was a woman, and that he was using her and threatening and insulting Guinevere, and that's his reason for killing everyone for no reason.

>-Lancelot says that he's an adulterous traitor and a disgusting beast not even fit to call himself a knight, and when he learns that King Arthur forgave him, his first thought is that this is because he's so important and great that Camelot would collapse without him, though he dismisses this saying that Arthur would never be so calculative. He doesn't understand this decision and comes to the conclusion that Arthur is inhuman and is a bigger monster than Vortigern the likes of whichno human can hope to understand. He still respects the king but is also angry and cannot accept Arthur as a human. He thinks his fear will someday turn to rage, then hate, that will curse the king for all eternity, and figures that this is his punishment.
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>>-Lancelot claims that Agravain knew Artoria was a woman, and that he was using her and threatening and insulting Guinevere
>Bitches and whore man, amiright? Arthur's cool though.
So it all went down because lancelot was literally autistic? Like, legit autistic.

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Do you love your waifu as much as he does?
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No one here could ever match the love Okabe has for his waifu, no.
>tfw saying that you do would be a bold faced lie no matter who said it
That was a great moment, but why didn't the timeline get erased?

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Does /a/ like spiders?
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Only if it has human level scentious.

Doesn't she just change back anyway?
How does a spider change back into a spider if it's already a spider?

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I felt this happy.
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spirited away a best
Every Miyazaki film is great
Ponyo isn't

So this is basically just Japanese propaganda, right?
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It's great, so who cares?
>who cares?

Exactly what I was going to start my post with.

The girls are top tier and for once the MC is an actual adult that oldfags like me can relate to/self-insert as. That's all the motivation I needed to read/watch it.
blatantly, and a very enjoyable anime too

I've missed this feeling. The feeling of watching a modern classic in the making. Unironically, I haven't felt this way since Kill la Kill days. Fucking Trigger is going to do it. The madmen are going to save anime. And this time it will be a real masterpiece. God speed, Trigger.
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>modern classic
>kill la kill

Please go away memelord
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It's still better than roughly 75% of all anime produced
Sturgeon's law says 90% of everything, including anime, is crap. If only 75% of anime is better than it then KLK is 15% away from being not shit

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