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How do you feel about Gilgamesh?
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Go and be gay with Enkidu already.
He's dogshit.
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11/10 would fuck and marry.

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Scar was right.
God really did hate alchemists.
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it's brotherhood's god that hated them
while it was 03's scar that said god hates alchemists
Anyone else liked Bradleys speech to Scar in the dub?
How was he not blind anyway, the scars pass right through his eyes.

Post Best Scenes
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Just watched Season 3.
What animal is pic related supposed to be? And why is she already the best girl?
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Thought she's a Unicorn.
she is a slut
s4 when?

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Does /a/ think any anime is worth a second chance if you drop it or not? I recently got a few batches of stuff I dropped in the past and was wondering if anyone else here does as well.
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From the anime I have dropped the second season of love live is the only one I could consider picking up again. And maybe Ace Attorney or Mirai Nikki but those need special conditions for me to watch them again like an /a/ stream or something.
No. But even after all I've watched I've only dropped three shows. It has to be impressively boring for me to want to stop. If it's just bad I can stand it, but boring is too much.
Of course, my opinions on things change all the time. There are anime I used to like I no longer think highly of, and vice versa.

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Is Keijo!!!!!!!! a good show to watch in a group?
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It's the Boku no Pico of anime

Reply or die fuck boys

>you will never be in a bath with megumin
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>you will never wrestle a slimy megumin
>you will never bully aqua into this face
>you will never embarrass darkness with a nonchalant "yo"

why do glasses ruin character designs
why are girls with glasses a disgusting sub species
girls with glasses are never waifu material
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>girls with glasses are never waifu material
I agree.

Characters with glasses are shit. Only few girls actually fit with glasses.

But OP, you need to lurk more.
20/20 vision master race

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Dumping a nice little oneshot. From the same author who did Ran to Haiiro no Sekai, Irie Aki.

Simple, yet beautiful. Especially the artwork.
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Remember to bake your loli for around 6 hours before serving.
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who is cute nigges
She's an islander.
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Honestly I wish nature just made everyone black from the time humans first existed because they're by far the most attractive race

ITT: Played-out anime tropes you still love seeing anyway.

>When the worthless antagonist-turned-whipping-boy of the MC starts ripping through cannon fodder in the final battle
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>The hero missed
>He actually didn't and hit a mechanism that blindsides the villain
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>Best girl accidentally sees MC naked
>MC is winning against main villain
>main villain reveals losing was part of his plan

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Congratulations, Shinka is now yandere for you.
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I have my waifu, get the fuck outta my face.
sex with shinkers
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My waifu would destroy her.

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Guess who came
Not talking about Misuzu
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carol is truly best girl
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Carol is long today.
>Misuzu meekly hiding behind Tomo

Holy shit how cute

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there's a movie coming out


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>OP backup was made in January 20, 2013
>OP got tortured and turned into a vegetable
>backup recovered, OP got reinstalled

It isn't gonna be easy to get to the path of Steins Gate OP.

This is literally just the dub for Deja Vu, it's been out for ages. Aside from fanservice there is like no reason to watch it.

Why is she always scowling?
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she has a heavy flow
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Because she's a slow chewer.
>Mom is her mom, just a hive of human flesh for a cosmic evil
>Dad was killed by mom.
>She spent most of her life thinking that her mother had killed her baby sister and thrown her away like used goods.

>Just when things start looking up, and a dashing tomboy swoops in and awakens her long repressed sexuality, she's molested by her own mother and finds out the tomboy is her baby sister.
I'd be pretty upset too.

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