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Dragon Ball

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This is your stadium tonight
I'd rather post in this thread than the other.
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Every single DB thread ever:

Anime vs Manga autism
canon vs non canon sperging(japan has no concept of canon, you are arguing over nothing)
POWERLEVELS worst kind of discussion due to it all being head canon. It is confirmed power level pondering leads to fanfiction writing.
Super vs GT (shit vs shit =shit)
delete that picture pls
>japan has no concept of canon
<citation needed>
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So, should we talk about waifus?
But Goku and Vegeta can't believe a regular SS2 (as Vegeta itself if his BoG boost wasn't permanent) can beat some guy above SS3 tier just because "he's not a good fighter", stop making this shit complicated.

Even pretending your hilarious headcanon of Buu training is true, your post still pointless. In DB you don't need even be a 90% stronger than your enemy to absolutelly destroy him, if your raw power is so above, you don't need be skilled. If SS Black's ki was several times stronger than SS2 Vegeta, Vegeta would NEVER believe he can just punch him and win, but he believe it and Goku believes too

Except Recoom was playing with Vegeta and saibaman used an suicide technique, not just its regular power. Stop trying to grasp at straws, a SS2 tier fighter beating a SS3 tier guy with no more than regular hits and blast is retarded, Vegeta would never believe it, Black not holding back his ki is a ridicolous thought

The strongest powerlevel always wins in regular fights, that's a fact. Vegeta doesn't use the suicidal explosion technique, kienzan, makankosappo or any special technique... not even a strategy, he just PUNCH his rival and wins.
How does it feel? DBZ fans?

A bunch of flag waiving frenchmen with a budget of a thermos of black coffee a baguette and 12 loose cigarettes is able to make a better battle anime then the people behind DBZ who have litteral millions of dollars at their disposal.

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>"japan has no concept of canon" retarded meme again
Stop posting in this shit thread
Come over here guys
That canon was brought into existence on the insistance of no one save for aonuma who was desperate as fuck to push his terrible series destroying entries into positions of prominence.

Nothing that's come out since WW and the hyrule historia has been good and no one on earth gives a shit about that ridiculous timeline.

PS it's not that Japan has no concept of canon. It's that jap anime creatives do not give a shit about canon as long as they can push an idea or get more people to watch a series.
It's also them not really giving a fuck about the source material in general.
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Discussion of canon validity as a concept is still canon vs noncanon faggotry. The hilarious irony of my response is also submitting to this meta. get rekt all of us. DB threads cannot escape the void. We are cancer

I dont see the word canon or non canon in japanese btw, try again memer king

this guy gets it
bump this cancer
will do. expose DB threads once and for all. proof of the maligance infesting this series and discussion
Your tactics will fail. Jannys are db lovers
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