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Why is this allowed?
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huh good characters?
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Yeah, Nene is so cute it seems like it should be illegal, huh?
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My wife's allowed to do whatever she likes (within the workplace, anyways)

So did she have a thing for being blackmailed?
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Heavily implied, or at least grew to like it.

Still best girl.
Dont think she liked it
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Tomboy was 2nd

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worst anime in recent memory
>panties under the garter

That's NOT how it fucking works. Why is this such a difficult concept for artists? The panties go OVER the garter.

Imagine being the girl. You slip on your panties and then do up your garter. Now imagine you have to pee. Or you're about to have sex. Okay, now try to slide off your panties in a sexy way.

OH WAIT!!!!!! You FUCKING can't because your garter is physically stopping you from taking them all the way off!!!!! WHAT A FUCKING SHOCK! NOW WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO DO YOU BUMBLING RETARD!?!?!??!

Which anime is the worst anime?
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Your favorite anime.
Mushishi or Tatami Galaxy.

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Just watched episode 3. The banter between the scentist and Tanya, or how Being X cornered her is 10/10. This truly is the AOTS
Why do I always see this same post on its way to the last page even though the message is ironically "ON THE FRONT PAGE"?
Worst show currently airing

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What is thy wish?
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I wish that you were real
I want a good friend and a better wife
I wish for you to use my face as a cushion.

Who was this character's target demographic ?
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Show me you harems /a/.

I have been told that mine is easily a 9/10.
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More like 0/10
Luka is literally the worst girl(male)in the franchise

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who was in the wrong here?
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You can't actually be suggesting that it was unusual for the kid to have a problem with his dad being replaced by a fucking serial killer, can you?

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>MC master is an actually interesting, strong non-sexualized female character

I love that trope
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Old Genkai was my first fap.
pic unrelated
Fuck off tumblr

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Name 1 (one) shounen better than Saint Seiya
Protip: You can't
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HxH is arguably the best anime ever made so /thread.
Samurai X (only up to shishio's arc)
Nobody even remembers this show.

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How is she so best? I mean seriously.
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>Humans suck...but I still had to grab what her momma gave her.
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Max CHA.

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Shouta and Rio are getting a little to old to pass this off as innocent anymore.
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post link you faggot
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This manga has some Rito levels of ACCIDENTAL sometimes.

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Seiko is literally the worst girl of all time. Everything about her is terrible. I wish she would have lived so she could have suffered more, because she didn't suffer enough
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I was out of touch with Danganronpa lately
What about 2.5? is it up somewhere?
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Still only a shitty rip on youtube.
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>Seiko is literally the worst girl of all time.
Ruruka, please

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Vegeta status: Still a jobber
Black status: Still best boy
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>Punches have no weight
>0 environmental damage

Great manga.
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>Having autism

>there are still retards out there who don't understand that everything is ki-based and the character control and focus in their ki to increase lethality

Bleach-tier retardation going on

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