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/a/, I accidentally a waifu from Code Geass.
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Luluko is best girl

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Here, we discuss ninjas and their naked bodies.
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Tell me about the ninja, why is she naked.
Good show? I ended up passing on a boxset of this at my video store's closing sale.
Very nice.

Sasuke is a dumbass

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dick breath.jpg
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Who is your SOTS /a/?
Pic very much related.
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not even the slut of her own show
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All right /a/, give it to me straight. What's the most effective way to deal with a tsundere?
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Hammer to the head.
have sex with her best friend
Kill the author.

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kyoani grass.png
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This is grass by KyoAni. Say something nice about it.
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Nice grass.

Niiiiice graaass.
It's very nice grass.

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Stop posting pictures of my knocked up waifu!

We're expecting twins
I can't count how many times I've masturbated to that image. It's the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
Kill yourself faggot, she's mine.
Kill yourselves. She's my wife and it's my child.

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Is he /our guy/ ?

OPM Thread.
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In the last two pages he's been in he's been solid gold
I've only read up to Vol. 10. I'm looking forward to it though, lad.

How do we feel about Metal Bat? Honestly he's pretty top tier.
>doesn't even has a dick

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>Using GTO to promote a shitty game and console that no one wants to fucking buy.
Why does this even exist?
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>it almost looks like live-action
my fucking sides
>Not getting a Computer to install Gentoo
>using GTO to start console wars on /a/
Why do you even exist?

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bikini warriors.jpg
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which one /a/?
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In the show, the Paladin
In the designer's normal style, the Elf
Mage > Paladin > Fighter > Dark Elf
That is the official and indisputable ranking.
blonde one, she's a low key freak

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/a/, what is your opinion on Oshimi Shuuzou.
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Mediocre and pretentions
he's the guy for boku mari right? or was he the guy from aku no hana... or maybe the one from that story about a literal 2d waifu...
jeez, they all feel like the same person
He would be great if all of his manga ended a volume or two sooner than they do.

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>decided to binge watch super for the first time
>shit music
>shit ost for the exception of 3
>shit pacing
>shit character personalities
>shit art and animation
>shit execution of decent concepts
Are there actually people who think this cancer of an anime is good? It's no better than GT.
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use the catalog you retard >>152447800
DB fans eat the shit up no matter the flavor.
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>Are there actually people who think this cancer of an anime is good?
Nope. We watch it because it's marginally better than no Dragonball.

The Zamasu arc was kind of decent, but only because Black and Zamasu are fun characters. Not because the arc itself was well written.

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/a/xis cult thread
praise Aqua
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aqua butt.jpg
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Aqua-sama please sit on my face!
Sorry I'm part of the Eris cult.
Aqua needs to be put on a leash.

/a/, I'm crying. That was absolutely beautiful.
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>watch chinkrip
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Now it can't get spoiled for me, and I get to talk about it here on /a/. Also, I've been watching anime for nearly 25 years. I'm used to shitty rips.
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>wait for the BD since it's never going to be released in the US and get spoiled to death while waiting.

Yeah, nice advice faggot.
Also, I'm confident you watched it in the shitty 480p chinese hard-subbed rip like we all did.

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How do you cope with the fact that you're never watching Aria for the first time again? And then you read YKK and it's all over.
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im gonna read ykk. then ill know its all over and nothing will ever make me feel the same way ever again :)
Why do you force yourself to think that Aria and YKK are the only ones that'll give you those feels.

It's like a weeb that just discovered Code Geass and thinks nothing will ever top it.

Just keep on and you'll stumble upon something new and fresh to you, like Ojamajo Doremi.
I know that feel, man
Shit hurts to know that I experienced the end of the road in iyashikei art.

[spoilerBut fuck you. I recognize that image][/spoiler]

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>best girl not only loses, but get's killed, rejected an humiliated

Why are japanese like this?
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Elevens have shit taste.
How the fuck did kei choose his ug ass gf over reika
This is exactly the reason she is best

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