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>President likes Kaguya
>but their relationship is distant and full of hiding secrets from each other, they barely have any meaningful interactions
>instead, his relationship with Fujiwara is much more open and emotionally intimate
>they compliment each others personalities and cover each others flaws

Fujiwara is a much better match for him. Kaguya a shit.
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Fujiwara is for /our guy/!
Did I miss the dump? Fuck.

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Love Live? You mean that inferior idol and poor mans [email protected] show?
Are there any [email protected] concerts live streamed in your cuntry?

I sure hope some of the girls will improve their live perfomance

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ITT shows that get better with a rewatch
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Non non biyori

So, Kazuma confirmed to actually be a slav?
I bet his tracksuit would be Adidas if they didn't have to worry about putting brands on their shows.
Blin, look at that perfect slav squat, soles flat against the ground so you know he isn't a western spy.
Now all he needs is ushanka, thick accent and monologues about how cold the motherland is and how babushka would make kvass after long day of play in snow.
Anyway, Konosuba thread?
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>only one Megumin episode this season
>it's mostly going to be Darkness

I want more Megumin dammit, Darkness is such a boring character
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I'd kill for this to turns into one of those fully adapted shows.
I really want to see the Crimson Village arc animated.
Buy dem books, anon.
They're like $10 each, including shipping.
It'll be in Japanese, but you don't need to read to look at pictures. Pick the volume with the illustrations you like the most and just buy it.

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What does /a/ think of BL and Yaoi /a/ - Anime & Manga?
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The very few that I've read have been complete shit so I think it's mostly shit.
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the finger.jpg
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Not my thing.

Some nice yaoi hands going on there in the OP.
Holy shit those fingers

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Black Clover is the next naruto in terms of global popularity. /a/ doesn't talk about it. Why so bad /a/? The manga is way better than most other mangas in Jump, and it's the only reason ESJ is still in business. Just go and read it. It deserve it's stop in the toc and the anime will be instant shonen classic.
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It's pretty generic but also appealing, I quite like it so far but the way the MC can MCarmor into everything can be very tiring.
>Black Clover is the next naruto in terms of global popularity

Nowhere close to Naruto.
But i see it have slowly gathered their Black Clovertards.

>next naruto
>why aren't you talking about it?

Gee, I wonder why.

How many frickin' episodes does it take to accept that someone is the son of Satan and not trying to destroy everything?
He's saved everyone how many times now? How about a little benefit of the doubt here, I think a little trust should've been earned by now...
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He's the literal son of satan, why the fuck would no one treat him like garbage like he deserves?
What you don't understand about Satan is that he is a nice and helpful person 99 days out of a 100, and on the last day he burns down the village, rapes your daughter, eats your dog and drags what's left of you down to hell.
Not my dog!

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And another one
Why'd you make this thread?
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What is he even trying to accomplish? He says he's going to take over the world but he's literally stuck at McDonald's. Does he even have an extended lifespan in his normal human form?
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>What is he even trying to accomplish?

A second season. He failed.
The novels are translated. Go read them and find out yourself.
Utopia, I think. He's just really bad at getting there since he now wants to have peace between humans and demons, and doesn't really know how that would work. The given reason he's still at McDonalds is that he wants to learn japanese society from the ground level.

As for the second question: Probably. He can still switch to demon king pretty much at will.

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>If you felt like it, you could save millions of people.

What is she trying to suggest here? That angels are capable of fixing this shitty earth but don't do it because...why? I don't get it, even if Gabriel doesn't want to do it because she's lazy, why wouldn't the other angels?
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She means over the course of eons
It's a metaphor.

If I felt like it I could kill millions of people, its just effort.

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How did they get into the wall in the first place?
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is cute!
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Yorokobe, Emiya Shirou

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>this is a malicious wraith
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She's not malicious tho

She's qt
You haven't forgotten about her have you?
Ghost Yomi is best Yomi

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>tfw Rui will never cook for you after a night of riding your big superior American cock that she prefers

Why is this allowed
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I think the mom is pretty hot desu, kinky sex scene with the two dads when?
So it's became the ntr finally?
Teh drama?
Is this from the newest Y&7W chapter because I haven't read it yet

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>kills off the best character in the manga, one that is winning popularity polls way after her death
>realizes that he has made a terrible mistake
>retcons the shit out of her death by bringing her back through amnesia or related asspull

I'm pleased
She didn't even get the relationship before getting cucked.
How much paint did Seo eat to kill her off in the first place?

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