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Do you like healthy British girls?
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>6 more weeks until movie rip
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Only this one
>you will never have a cheeky shag behing the bike shed with Alice

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How can I get in the database so my alt would call me Oniichan?
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Minori will win both Shiroe and Roe2.
> wanting an alt as imouto
> not getting a npc waifu
You know, I thought I finished the second season to this show, but people keep posting things I've never seen before

The most forgettable shows of their year
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I certainly haven't forgotten about Izetta's delicious, healthy body.
I don't remember any.
Izetta was so shit.

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can I get one without that disgusting sameface and those atrocious image processing effects?
Top: No personality
Bottom: Terrible personality
I'll pass on both
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Hibikek Reina is so beautiful I want to fuck her brains out.

To clarify I mean in popularity and legacy not standalone quality.

Throughout the mid-80's to the early-90's, Dragon Ball had taken the world by storm. Nothing before was quite like it and it was like the largest thing in Japan. It's also a major inspiration for many other titles (even YYH and HxH take some major cues from DB) with no better example than One Piece.

I had always viewed One Piece as the true spiritual successor to Dragon Ball as no series besides really gave that same feeling... that quirky, simplex and epic story but the student may have surpassed the master. The One Piece manga has outsold the Dragon Ball manga making it the current best-selling manga series, the anime gets better tv ratings than Super (which is brand new), and the Film Z movie grossed more than either Battle of Gods or Resurrection F worldwide in Japan alone.

So how is it... did One Piece officially take the throne or does Dragon Ball still sit on top of it?
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In Japan one piece has taken the throne I'd say.

Worldwide dragon ball is still THE battle shonen
Worldwide: DB
Japan: Wan Piss
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Nothing ever captured my heart quite like Naruto growing up like 10 years ago.

ITT: AOTS contenders only.
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I'm going to be honest here. These are the only shows that have done anything but disappoint me:
>Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
>Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon
>Demi-chan wa Kataritai
>ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

Besides these the season has be one shitfest after another,
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Shiburin is currently 121-0 against /a/nons, who can even defeat her?
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Rinfags are as bad as Stellafags.
Does defeating her have anything to do with masturbation?
I want to beat the shit out of that delinquent girl. Then I'll rape her in a dark alley and toss her away like the slut she is.

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>ywn be Saten-chan
Why the fuck do I still exist?
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I don't understand the point of this thread. Is there anybody who doesn't want to be Saten?
>become Saten
>suffer because your perfect girlfriend Frenda gets killed off
No thanks.

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Is it ok to do this on the first date?
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!. Vigne
2. Satania
3. Raphiel
4. class press
5. Gab
Switch Satania and Raphiel and you've got a deal
except that's wrong
satania > vigne > gab > class rep > Raphael
but don't get me wrong I'd easily cuddle Raphael if u know what I mean

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Didn't see any of these, I'll start:
Mein Kaiser...
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stupid Shinji!

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>MFW the last good anime I watched aired 11 yeas ago
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Do you realize there is a board dedicated to rec threads, right?
And why would I go there?
Tell me anon, why did you stop watching anime and why are you posting in a board about a hobby you long abandoned?

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Remember when we liked Yamakan? Will there ever be a way for him to redeem himself? Will it be possible to meme him into defeating Shinkai?
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Why would the man who saved anime need redemption?
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I remember liking to shit on him.

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ITT: Books to read so themes and references in anime and manga isn't lost on you

I'll start with an obvious one.
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Every Japanese myth.
Tale of Genji?
Gonna post a few more that I can think of off the top of my head to get the thread going better

some anime that gets referenced is in the filename

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Can we just stop and consider what a fantastic season Winter 2017 is turning out to be?
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You realize that Megumin will hardly get anymore screentime this season, right?
Can we just stop and consider what a huge faggot OP is turning out to be?

You realize that Hikari will, right?

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Speculation and theories on this little dude's origins please
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Pretty much everywhere I look people are saying these two are one and the same, but that don't sit right with me. So far the moonlight child seems pure and good.

I think the moonlight child is the 'embodiment' of Guts and Caska's untainted child. With the two worlds merging, and fantasies manifesting themselves in corporal forms, it doesn't seem like that much of a stretch to me. .

Why are people so set on him being the demon baby?
Because Casca recognised demon babby as her own
So? They can't both be hers?

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