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A college drop out that wants to be a casino dancer...

Has she always been this stupid? Maybe I was just blinded by her wonderful hair antics...

Well, at least Koyomi doesn't have to worry about being the disappointing child now.
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Tsukihi is functionally retarded, yes.

Guess it's my bad for never noticing. Looking back on it now, all the signs are there.
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It doesn't matter what she does with her life because she is my wife and I love her.

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So a 1h premier of this airs in about 7 hours.
Maybe it will be good?
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Is this like Final Fantasy?
The only thing I want is for Duration to be animated. If that happens I'll be happy no matter what.
Its like old school Final Fantasy

Is there a way of making a harem or shounen romance MC who isn't a complete blank slate self insert that is somehow relatable but at the same time not some alpha gary stu or the whole total pervert archetype?
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>MC of harem rom com show
>relatable NEET
>achieves success through luck and intelligence
>not total pervert as he is only attracted to darkness for her appearance but gets grossed out when she starts talking
>not Kodaka

what more could you want
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chaos head
>forgetting the protagonist of Spring 2016's most popular anime

Why is everyone shitting their pants over this movie?

I saw it. Don't get me wrong. I thought it was good. But everyone seems to be going crazy over it. Am I heartless or something? I didn't even think it was sad.
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>I didn't even think it was sad.
It wasn't supposed to be sad.
Everyone kept telling me that it was super sad and they cried and shit.
Are you sure they're not talking about 5cm/s? I loved Your Name but I didn't think it was sad at all. Those people must be retarded.

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Please describe this child.
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She's Sailor Moon, the main character of Sailor Moon.
A meatball headed child.
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Tech illiterate

I was under the impression that Rei becomes god at the end of evangelion when she fuses with Lilith, but now I am being told Unit 1 is who becomes god because it came into contact with both the seed of life and knowledge. If that is true, than what is Rei supposed to be?
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Rei is Rei

In EOE, SEELE tries to tang everyone. Rei rejects gendo's plan and unites with Lilith, which unites with godmode EVA-01. From "Inside" instrumentality, Shinji decides to dismantle the whole thing and choke a bitch

rei is rei
I get it. Thank you

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why doesn't anyone her gun?
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It's a water pistol.
I like to think that she switches it out for a real gun every once in a while knowing that no one will even notice.
I'm half way through S1 and I was hooked, but now it's gotten a bit boring. Does it get better? Kinda spoiled it for myself while reading through the wiki about how mayabara eventually remembers what happened in previous episodes (chapters*).

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post them
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I hate them, I hate tsunderes, I hate ahegao, I hate ZR, I hate every fucking stupid meme like these and heart pupils with a passion
Are you okay?

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All memes aside, is she a sociopath?
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How can she be a sociopath if she feels empathy and jealousy for Mugi?
no, but she'll learn to be one, and I like it
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tfw Iskandar will never be your Heroic Spirit bro, why even live?
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I rather have Athuria Saber or the archer one from fate/stay night.

I just got recently in this series and got to say Fate/zero>the other 2 (2004 and 2014) fate zero is like actually serious and some seinen tier anime while the other one feels like some harem comedy anime
you're 100% right, but F/GO autists will call your post bait
> the archer one
> f/sn is harem comedy
yeah i wonder why

How can one anime be so fucking good?
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sci-fi is by far the genre with the least garbage and most masterpeices

nobody goes out of their way and makes a shitty or even mediocre sci-fi, which is why seasonal anime is always SOL or haremfaggotry
>nobody goes out of their way and makes a shitty or even mediocre sci-fi

Is this some kind of joke?
>sci-fi is by far the genre with the least garbage and most masterpeices


It's an extremely populated genre, and as with anything extremely populated, there's a lot of shitty ones.

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Friday night scanlation thread.

What are you working on? What do you wish was being worked on?

Will ebook raws ever not suck?
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This question is not exactly scanlation-related, but what software would others recommend for making subtitled videos for drama CDs?
>Will ebook raws ever not suck?
Hey, I just released a volume today that happened to use an ebook raw because the only public scans available where about the same res and far lower quality. They were inexcusably terrible and I was happy to have the digital version instead.

Depends on what you want the video to be. A lot of encoding software can turn a static image into a video of that static image. If you want access to fancy effects too, Sony Vegas Pro might be your best bet. The interface is relatively intuitive compared to fancier options. Then for adding subs, use Aegisub just like you'd sub anything else. That's almost certainly easier than trying to add each line of text in Vegas.

> Mana is the only one in Altair Torte with a split skirt
What could it mean?
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You mean the hero of justice?
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Who is Rasetsu Kamage?
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When the hell is this getting an update anyway?
The Breaker?
It's done, 3rd season when the creators feel like it.
That's bullshit
>girl comes back to life
>teacher is still rogue
>student still training
Awesome as fuck series
Why the hell does this happen to the good ones? No continuations?

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it keeps getting better
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Dropped this awhile ago

How many witches are there now? Like 100?
236 and I'm not even kidding
only 5 last chapters
I should start catching up now

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