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Chapter 6 is done. I'm relying on you guys for raws, so dump them somewhere on this board. I'll keep an eye out for it next week.

older chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapters 2-5
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What the fuck? Did she really just say that word?

Fucking dropped.
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Netorare. Pretty accurate.
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Are Kyoani /our guys/?

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Lovestruck Hakaze was the cutest
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The more this goes the worse it gets
Reincarnation is the shittiest of all plot devices
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member when people ware sayan this is the best shonen ever cos its no cliché?
>A is the absolute evil
>actually A is the best person ever, B is the real bad guy
>actually B is a bro,it was C all along
Nanatsu no taizai's narrative is 10/10
>start reading manga because gorgeous armor
>main character never wear them
>even gilthunder and friends stopped using armor

>hearing real life people speak japanese
Why do anime characters sound so much better?
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More like why do real life Japanese people sound so much better while speaking, maybe it's because they aren't yelling as if they are trying to reach the people in the back of the room.
Most anime characters talk like children

You are an audiopedo
Anime characters talk like retards
I guess you can relate more easily OP

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RIP edition

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>character starts to talk about plans for the future
>gets killed

Every time.
It was obvious from the beginning. Frog form must be acquired.

Fucking angry bear out of nowhere.
was the spirit bear another immortal?

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These two are literally prototype Kaworu and Shinji.

Why is Anno such a hack?
He's only capable of writing the same characters over and over again. No originality.
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There's more originality in Eva than in a show that even rips off its title.
Eva rips off of Ideon and other 80s Mecha series
How is "Shinseiki Evangelion" a ripoff of "Densetsu no Kyoujin Ideon" or "Neon Genesis Evangelion" a ripoff of "Space Runaway Evangelion"?
"Choujikuu Seiki Orguss" would be more reasonable.

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Why didn't you save her, /a/?

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I want to sexually fuck Beno.
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OH NO! The channel is under attack by SJWs!

>Boston Red Sox fan
nothing of value was lost

The best I can find is Wikipedia's list of what ran in Shonen Jump. Any help /a/?

Also, Shonen recommendation thread. I'm thinking of ironically reading Naruto, even though I'm pretty sure that despite it's status as part of the Big Three it's universally agreed that it now retroactively sucks.
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Also the Big Three don't exist and Naruto was good up until the end of Pain.
If you want something long but not absurdly long check Gash Bell out.

It's pretty underrated. It has really fantastic art, good humor, great tactical fight's with great choreography and is really excellent at utilizing both lightearted humor/gags, corny power of friendship stuff and slice of life aspects with super depressing gut wrenching darker stuff and letting the contrast between the two make you laugh, get hit in the emotional gut, or apperciate the friendship stuff all that much more.

That said, it doesn't really go from "good but not exceptional" to actually being fantastic till a ways in and the art/strategic fight stuff in particular doesn't get that way till then either. The plot is similarly slow to start, with it being monster of the week/slice of life whatever till volime 12, then becoming arc based.

That's not to say the first 10 volumes or so are bad, they are actually still very enjoyable without much if any flaws (In fact the reason it hardly gets disscussed is because when it does it's just people going "Yeah it was great" and threads dying due to a lack of stuff for people to shitpost and complain about), but you need to know going in that it gets much better later on.

That being said the anime adaption is shit aside from the music/songs so you should read the manga. NULL is the only group that's done the entire manga and it's got some translation errors (A-destiny has amore accurate translation, but with awkward wording and they only did 18 onwards), but I have a list of all the errors if you want that so you can know what they are as you read along.

Also it's an absolute fucking goldmine of reaction images
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Is Saitama the strongest anime character in all of Anime? Is there a single person that might actually do something to him?
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Saitama is probably on par with SSB Goku so Beerus could beat him
I know this is bait but I'll respond anyways because I'm stupid.
Anime? Isn't it just a regular cartoon?

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>I don't wanna die
>I don't wanna die
>I don't wanna die
>I don't wanna die
>I don't wanna die
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And I don't want to live, without someone to hold on to.
Gundam did it better.

Chrono Trigger anime when?
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There are many games with potential storylines fitting an anime structure.

Take Lufia II for example. It even has a fucking perfect mid-season finale

But they will never happen, unless they plan a huge fucking re-release of remastered/ remaked games, merch and shit of that francise
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It already happened.
it's called dragon ball

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C.C. when
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>ate authentic pizza for hundred of years
>never once she complained about eating elevens Pizza Hut pizza
She has shit taste
Dominos beats the shit out of Pizza Hut.
Not in advertising, apparently.

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