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better than ange vierge at least
When does bikini group appear again? Because I'm fucking bored out of my mind despite it having Sawashiro.

A shame because it's surprisingly well-produced.
This got unpopular really fast.

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Anyone reading this?
Thoughts on it? I'm really enjoying it.
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Stick with the manga.

The Light Novel will only break your spirit
I only read the manga. I have a lot of things to catch up on so I don't really have the time even if I wanted to. How far ahead are the LNs?

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Would you be friend with her?
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Either more than or nothing
I'd make her wear a collar and bark like a chicken. Also she'd have to pee outside like a good little doggy.

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Pantsu fan service remake never.
Looks good desu

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Cutie of the season?
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slut with glasses
It's not even a girl, it's potato

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Praise your spider deity and bring it something sweet.
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Who are the elves?
If I had to guess, shitty teacher and Potimas.
Potimas really look gay as fuck

>TFW your waifu uses contacts and straightens out her hair even though she's cuter with glasses and braids
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Why? Why did you have to ruin my otherwise so good evening?
Because it's the truth.
>tfw your waifu does the opposite

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Why isn't every girl looking like Yuuko? She's perfect.
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Not even best on her own series.
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Homosexuals aren't allowed in my threads, pal.
Good jojoke

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Isn't she too cute?
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I love black dicks.
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>shes not even peak cute
She's evil!!

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Long live the queen of /a/!
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sup mugi
I'm a semen addicted.
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It's already January 21st in Japan, which means that it's the birthday of Mamoru Nagano (57), Taku Iwasaki (49), and Goro Miyazaki (50)!

A designer, a musician, and a director. Two are eccentric moody geniuses while one is the forgotten son of a moody eccentric genius. Hopefully they continue to live long and give us more work to remember them by.

There was some meme VA's birthday today too, but who cares about her?
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Being Goro must be a curse, I swear.
Who's the meme seiyuu?
There's going to be like 5 threads for her soon, so you'll see.

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Why does anime do this thing of only having character react at all when someone finishes talking, god damn it's so annoying.
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It's called "lack of budget".
I guess that has has something to do with the fact that nips suck at acting.
But why not react sooner since they are gonna do it anyway? Instead of 6 seconds of staring it's 3 seconds of staring and 3 seconds of reaction.

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Stealthy croissant.
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How high is the stealth game Croissant's got going?
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>Mana come out
I don't think Nana deserves all the hate she gets.
Even at her intro, when she was being all fake friendly, i didn't dislike her.

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Spoiler are out

Mel's Group Vs. 5 of the Ten Commandents. This is a smart way to reuse these characters without reviving them.

>What's that noise? A… and the atmosphere's shaking…
>An incredible number of… hatred-filled magic powers are approaching…
>L… look, the dark cloud!!
>Th… that's…
>The Ten Commandments!!!!
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>In order to lure the demons…
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Q/A corner
Q193: Akubi-san (Kanagawa Prefecture): Is Elaine like a big sister among the Fairy clan?
Nakaba: As the fairies' appearance doesn't vary much, I'd guess she's ranked as a very eminent fairy.

Pic 5:
>No way… is this the trial…?
>An incredible development is happening…!!!
>Center text: Their individual expectations intersect. Who will hold the victory and the justice?
>Margin text: To save their imprisoned fellows, the strongest demons the Ten Commandments start their assault!!! The Holy War turns into an all-out battle that witnesses the clash of the strongest people!!!
>Bottom text: To be continued in chapter 204 / Let there be light.

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