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What is she for?
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showing her how to get pregnant

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Starting with an indefensible one.
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I want to cum down Ayaneru's throat
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This little shit
Diana from LWA who stole all the screen time from Amanda.

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hahaha, but seriously, season 2 when?
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Isn't everyone dead?
That doesn't stop Code Geass 3 from airing.
The manga was very close to the anime, they're not going to remake it or anything.

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my god.png
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Holy fuck Miyazaki was right. Anime was a mistake.
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>FlipFlappers is better than Hand Shakers

t. retard

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Why is she allowed to have a butt like this?
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Because I have to rest my face somewhere.
Why would you put your face on or in a butt?
Because anal queen.

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Akame is pretty good-looking.
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Esdeath is, was and always will be better
I dislike girls with hair colors that aren't natural. She'd be top tier as blonde.
She's hotter too

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Was Griffith in the wrong?
Was he cute?
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Do not bully my husbando please
Griffisu was always p cute
I don't think I could fuck him though

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>Uchouten Kazoku 2
>SnK 2
>Natsume season 6
>Boruto anime
>Shingeki no Bahamut sequel
>Granblue anime
>Kekkai Sensen sequel
>Astro Boy prequel

I'm already over Winter.
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That's a lot of cancer in one season.
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>Boruto anime
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>Boruto anime

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Hey guys, have you ever felt that feel of freedom and comfiness that the first seasons of One Piece used to transmit?
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Freedom isn't comfy.
That doesn't mean freedom isn't good. But anyone who wants freedom, can't sit down on their ass and just relax. Apathy stands in the way of freedom. Freedom means to stamp your will onto the world. It's work by its very nature.
one piece is still cozy
it has some cozy moments but i wouldnt say it is cozy

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Almost the worst magazine

X-EROS > ExE > Unreal > BEAST > LO > Koh > Girl for M > ANGEL > Megastore Alpha
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How many magazines do you read? LO and Koh are the only regular magazines I manage.
Pretty much all of them besides web magazines.
Do you fap to everything or do you skip stories/artists you don't like?

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Was he a good character?
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Not really but I enjoyed his arc best.
Good as edgy Gon.

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Latest raws of Gyaru Cooking, or Gal Gohan as it's "officially" known. Translation will hopefully be done by weekend's end.
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Why are devil/demon characters always better than their angel counterparts?
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Because apparently all Angles are slobs and whores.
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
Because they're eager to fuck.

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Why aren't there more mangaabout gyaru dating shy nerds?

It's a common scenario in hentai, why not manga?
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What about hajimete no gal
That's the only one.
Shy nerd is such a fucking boring pairing though.
They're always too much of a pussy to make a move or actually have an entertaining relationship.
It should be gyaru x older male teacher or someone who can have some banter with the gyaru rather then just be a stuttering loser.

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Reminder that Djeeta is real MC.
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Never played Granblue Fantasy because mobile games suck, but it seems most of Djeeta's art depicts her as a pervert, rapist or as a slut teasing the viewer, like in OP's pic. Is she a slut in the game?
No, the player character mostly doesn't do anything besides generic gestures and smiling in the story.
Her costumes are pretty lewd though.

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