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Shinji didn't masturbate, he raped Asuka.
That's why she's feeling sick at the end, she's pregnant.

People involved agreed, don't bother them about it.
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you don't get pregnant/morning sickness that quickly dumbass
"The most widely circulated translation of the last line of EoE [End of Evangelion] is "I feel sick," but Amanda Winn Lee (Rei Ayanami's English voice actor and director of End of Evangelion) said she asked several translators, and she felt "disgusting" was the most accurate adaptation.[18] You could say she is disgusted with/sick of the situation or with Shinji himself. My favorite explanation though, is this one: My husband, Matt Greenfield, directed the TV series and is very familiar with the whole Eva franchise. Matt has said that although (Eva creator) Hideaki Anno seems to change his mind frequently about what various things mean in Eva, Anno once said that Asuka's comment about feeling "sick" was a reference to morning sickness. Now THAT gives ya something to think about, doesn't it! Of course, Anno is quite passionate about the idea that every person should decide for him or herself what Eva means to them."
In the hospital scene we hear a little, see his hand, & perhaps
underestimate his act. Would masturbation alone have been enough to mortify Shinji to the state of mind he then deteriorated to? Shinji certainly had whatever he'd done on his mind. He tried to confess to Misato (hoping she'd ask what he'd done) by the elevator about whatever he'd done, but wrong time & wrong place & too late.
Shinji's other physical contacts with Asuka in EoE end in violence. 2
attempted stranglings. Given that the kitchen scene was before,
Shinji then came across Asuka helpless & exposed. As in the kitchen
his whiny pleas fell on (this time literally) unhearing ears. Shinji
had reached a mental breakdown/desperation point where IMO he was
capable of doing Asuka as an act of violence/retaliation or even to
try waking her up as well.

The pregnancy part. Well Asuka went through a physical change process
in Eva 02 which might have accelerated any child conceived by Shinji.
On the beach, her tender reaching out to Shinji could perhaps be seen
as mother to father of a child. Feeling sick could partly also have
been caused by pregnancy, though Shinji & all her experiences probably
weighed heavily on her as well. -

These theories/rationale/directorial proof(both Anno and from English side) supports the theory that Asuka was pregnant. How did she get pregnant? The most likely occurrence would have been from the hospital scene, where instead of just fapping he raped her instead. The seed on his hand at the end would have been the semi-botched pullout.

Her having her panties (back) on seemingly unmoved/unmolested does make it less likely, although he could have just put them back on. However to further complicate the theory he would largely have had to have done this 1 handed, since his other hand was out of commision with fluids. Still this can somewhat explain away the minimal amount of jizz, along with the pulling out late aspect.

Who the fuck are you?
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The QUALITY levels were surprisingly low.
She's so endearingly stupid

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What's her name again?
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Shitty girl from a shitty season.
>Shitty girl from a shitty season.
But why?
Best girl from a shitty season.

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Who /aots/ here?
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Which cat would you fuck?
the cat owner while the cats watch
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Post transparent nyankos.

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>replace niche hobby's demographic with "cute" girls
No show that's ever done this was good
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No show thats main selling point is cute girls has ever been good either.
Too bad betas ruin everything.
I really really want to punch that cat.

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Is this how a squid copulates?
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I want to impregnate this squid.
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ika upset.jpg
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Are you blind? Those clearly octopuses on Ika, not squid. While octopuses and squids (and cuttlefish) are are cephalopods, they're not capable of interbreeding with one another.

Further, their actual methods of breeding are quite different. First off, octopuses are sexual cannibals - that is, the female will often attack the males. It's not uncommon for them to kill a male (similar to preying mantises). Male octopuses have come up with a number of inventive ways to avoid this. For example, sometimes they will stick one of their tentacles in the females mouth so that she starts eating that instead of the rest of his body. Others will effectively place sperm onto one of their longer tentacles, and then use the tentacle to impregnate the female at "arms length." Yet others will sometimes disguise themselves as female octopuses and try to casually mate with the real female without her being none the wiser.

Squids meanwhile mate completely differently. Unlike octopuses, which are generally hermits, during mating season you will have large schools of squid coming together. Males and females will spend several hours swimming together and getting to know one another before pairing off. Males rapidly change colors, and it's these color changes that are believed to attract female squids.

Also, squids don't generally eat one another during mating, so males don't have to worry about being devoured by females. They don't need any of the neat tricks that octopi invented. Rather, they simply have a single shorter tentacle that essentially serves a penis, and they use this to impregnate the female squid (she has an egg sack just underneath her ink sack).

So no anon, your picture does not, in any way shape or form, demonstrate the way in which a squid copulates.
You made me kek anon. Post saved.

Would you attend this lonely girl's birthday party?
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These sorta things make me really sad
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What a fucking loser haha
To steal food if for nothing else

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Is he autistic?
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>Is he autistic?

Pretty much
>Is he autistic?
And this is relevant how ?
I only like Zambot 3, 0079, and Umi no Triton of his works. Everything 80s and after is bad. Am I a pleb?

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>can see the ending coming from the very start of the series
>still hits like a truck
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>Your lie in April
>The anime goes on for a year
>hello i am a new shit and have only seen one maybe two """""""CoA"""""""" stories/drama/romance series

Seriously, look into the genre. You said it yourself that it was written like shit and obvious.
If this trash had an emotional impact on you, you're a joke.

Don't do this.

Well I'll be, Youkai Watch is getting a Western comic. Haven't seen that since Duel Masters

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Didn't the games flop in the west? This must be riding off the back of the (well-dubbed for a kids show) anime, then.
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They did "alright", they fill the niche monster games and nothing more than that.

The anime on the other hand is doing pretty well for itself standing tall with Disney and the like, and the merch is doing well with kids too.
>They did "alright", they fill the niche monster games and nothing more than that.
I wonder if they'll localize Busters and 3, then? Maybe they should just stick with the anime.

Will Urobuchi ever make a better show?
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Why don't you ask him?
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That is a good idea.
How will you ask him?

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is re zero a masterpiece?
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It's a masterpiece for people who like the genre.
No, it's not, but it was the most enjoyable anime of 2016. I can't think of a single one that came close other than JoJo.
>is 4chan a friendly imageboard?

like your question , it depends on many factors.

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This girl is occupying your car, anon. Do something!
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do you think there are regulations that keep Keijo fighters from beating people with their ass and tits in the street, like how boxers are supposedly scrutinized more?

Like, if you motorboat a Keijo fighter, and end up spraining your neck, can you sue her?
That can't be my car, I don't own fashion accessories.
Hey, b-back that ass up

ITT: Canon virgins.
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You, me, and everyone else here.
The way it should be.
I too hope the species dies out in a generation or two.
Would be a nice change of pace for the planet.

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