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I personally rate it a 9.7/10.
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I personally rate your taste shit/10.
not an argument
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thank you no terror.jpg
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I rate it dropped at episode 2/10

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What is this loli going to do with a knife?
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Shank a bitch ass mo'fo.

ahem, um, I mean... shit anime happens

Really I still have no idea why I watched it, it made no sense, nothing in the middle mattered and had no ending
entirely pointless
i want my time back
She's going tfw no s2

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It's been one hundred years, and Dracula has risen from his grave to terrorize the world of your waifu.

Equipped with nothing than a whip, and some snacks, is your waifu capable of getting through his castle and slaying him?
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Do you want to talk about Castlevania anon?
only if it involves cute girls.
How does Kiss-Shot rank against Dracula?

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No Akiba's Trip thread?

I wish we could have 20 minutes of Arisa talking.
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Sorry Arisa you're a bit late to that meme.
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It's funny cause I woke up today with it stuck in my head and then she says that.
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Arisa is a kind local girl.

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>people actually like tatsumaki more than fubuki
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who's s-class again?

i wan to fug both sisters
which one's butt smells the best?

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>there's a scene before the OP
>there's a scene after the ED
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>there's a scene after the ED
>you don't realize it after towards the end of the show and skip it
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>there isn't a preview after the ED
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end me.png
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>old anime
>next episode preview before the ending
>you never watch the ending because you don't wanna get spoiled

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ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong
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Dewey pondering.jpg
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How can a boy be this cute?
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It probably has something to do with how fucking gay you are.
Being attracted to shotas isn't gay
How can OP still after all these years and changes be always a faggot?

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Gochuumon last EP.jpg
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My friends told me that Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka was a below average anime, but I think its pretty good, I hope season 2 is not their last season.
also are there any news of S3 or spin-off mangas?
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Kill your friends.
Your friends don't have very good taste, GochiUsa is a great show. Super cute.

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Why is food so often grotesquely served in anime? I get that anime isn't reality, but there is just no way even japanese anime characters would eat a steak with noodles
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Those are onions.
fuck off noodle enabler
are you the guy that keeps on saying that this european bread we sometimes see in anime is actually some sort of mushrooms? fucking idiot

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Is kyouko x yui the only canon pairing in yuru yuri?

i mean theyre are the only ones who like each other equally as much, they are also childhood friends and basically spend their whole day together.

the other relationship are all kind of fucked up, especially the one between the washing board and the tit cow.
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I thought so, I prefer it over Ayano x Kyoko which honestly has noway to happen.
They are close friend anon. Nothing else.

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This anime made me cry.
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try this anime

this anime make your heart dokidoki
me 2... i cryd so hard when ami relyzed she had no chance against tiger..
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>yasuko meeting her parents

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are they stupid or something?
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anime tells you like it is.jpg
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No, Kyouko is autistic.
Sakurako is dumb though
Apes who didn't evolve
and so are you if you watch it

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Are we getting less shoujo anime with female MC's? Where's the Ouran/Kimi ni Todoke/Chihayafuru, do women only like homo/subtext now?
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Because yaoishit sells better.
women read yuri for female MCs. has the homo subtext too.
>women read yuri
No they don't, bitches hate lesbian subtext because they think it's oppressive.

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How did Kentaro Miura get away with such blatant character plagiarism?
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I bet Griffith would have lost if Kircheis were her.
Are you joking?
I don't know. How did the author of Lotgh get away with such blatant plagiarism? And not even in a good way.


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