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ITT: underrated gems
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Ocean Waves was pretty boring and the two main characters were kind of assholes. Whisper of the Heart is an improvement on it in every way.

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Why did she give so much of a shit about not being married? Tsunade's like a million years old and she never complained. This petty bitch is just the worst.
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Its hard to find a good man when you breathe corrosive acid
>Put dick in mouth
idk why she isn't married yet she is pretty hot

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Both of Puyo's spinoffs are now beyond the time of events left off in the original reality. Sasaki already had made an appearance in both, and in both the story has progressed to events beyond those in Suprise. Yuki even has longer hair in her spinoff, and the SOS has another dog (?) in the latest volume of haruhi-chan.

Why do the spinoffs continue to go beyond in their respective timelines, whilst the original Tanigawa reality has no evidence of ever continuing from where it left off? Is Tanigawa really dead? Will the remains of the franchise continue to lie on Puyo's literal fanfiction?

Pic related is a very recent photo on Puyo's twitter in relation to his latest volumes of the spinoffs he's made.
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Who actually still cares about this franchise. It had one good series and a movie. And that was forever ago.
Let me tell you a little secret. Tanigawa is a very shitty author. The anime adaptation is the only reason people like the Haruhi so much. They took some terribly written books that had a good premise, and made a great show.

Tanigawa probably just cant think of anything good to write. He knows that whatever he writes will be disappointing, even if it does sell well. He stopped while everyone was still high on the anime, and were too blinded to see how bad the novels are. He made the right choice.
But the books are far better than the anime.

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Last I heard during the promotion tour for Godzilla, Anno had mentioned that he was working on Rebuild 4.0. Have there been any other updates since then?
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wikipedia has conflicting info

i dont think theres a release date yet
No release date, the last info was animator confirming to be working on it around november.
No. He just stated after he was finished with showing godzilla off, he was ready to get back and finish EVA.

No mention of when he would start work, no mention of how much was done already, just that the break was nice.

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Why was this show so boring? At least Hellsing was dumb fun. This seems like it was made to appeal exclusively to nationalist nip edgelords, which makes sense I guess.

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can we have a discussion on pic relate?

>tfw you finally finished the series + movie
>tfw you're going through the strongest post anime depression
>tfw you know it's because you will never experience something as fun as the friendship in pic relate

>tfw fuwa fuwa time
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Yeah it's really good. Wiped me out the first time I finished it too. Still stirs the emotions on rewatches. What were your favourite episodes?
Congratulations, you have watched the peak of anime.
I don't think i have one. Every episode was just about friends having a fun time. Favourite moment was just before s2 e24 ends when they played fuwa fuwa time for like 10 seconds then slowly faded out.

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>finally get around to checking out the new anime season
>it's all shitty CGDCT or copypaste battle LN crap
When will the anime industry change for the better?
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Fuck off
Unfortunately, the way the market is in Japan means it won't be changing anytime soon. We're stuck with moeshit for a long time.
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I wonder whose behind this shitpost

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>The poster spoils the ending
Why would they do that?
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cuz its one heck of a ride, you cant predict all the stuff that happened in that movie
Now that you ask, it is pretty awesome that a poster can show what is essentially the climax of a movie without giving any coherent indication as to what youre in for, while still looking cool as fuck.
You mean resolution, right?

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Plan C?
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Rem is superior
>Rem is superior
Stay in your containment areas, sperg.

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>could have stopped the Uchiha clan massacre but didn't
>couldn't save the village from the Kyuubi attack even though he's the so called "the god of shinobi"
>best friends with Danzo who was a piece of shit
>Yondaime specifically asked him to look after Naruto and make sure the village understood him to be a hero--didn't do that
>only put Naruto and Sasuke on the same team so that Sasuke could eventually use his Sharingan to control the Kyuubi
>wasn't even strong enough to kill Orochimaru, his former student

Is there a more pathetic character?
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>could have stopped the Uchiha clan massacre but didn't

Why would you do that? The Uchiha were total shits and counterproductive to a functioning village.
He should have wiped them out earlier.
>wasn't even strong enough to kill Orochimaru, his former student

To be fair, by that time Orochimaru was supposed to be the stronest character in the manga
T. Tobirama. Nice job with your Uchiha problem. Now you got an Uchiha demigod.

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Should middle schoolers be so sexy?
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best yamete
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so she was best girl right?
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Yes she was. Glad to see OP stopped sucking dicks and got taste. Bravo.

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what's her name?
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Best girl
Dick Sleeve.



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Code geass or Death note?

Which one does /a/ think is the GREATEST ANIME OF ALL TIME
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Berserk. Now fuck off
Death Note's better than Geass
NGE is the best anime of all time.

This is your mom tonight
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>not every night
She'll soon be the mother of my child.
Nah, I'm fine with this mom.

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