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Tanya Degurechaff Thread



(Anime's Name: Youjo Senki)
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So when are we getting a new season fo this?
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>In universe explanation is every ten years

It would be appropriate after that Tsukihime remake comes out.
2020 obviously. Just be patient. And be prepared for an insane amount of FGO pandering, and no Tsukihime.
>And be prepared for an insane amount of FGO pandering

And more of the extra/extella characters. There would be so much tamamo.

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Where is the fucking update you double niggas?
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Have new raws come up?
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No idea, but it has been a month since the last update, I thought this was biweekly
I need more giant mean brown amazon in my life.

Dead girls are best girls.
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Yomi ;_;
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I want to cum in that ghost.
I want to smear my semen all over this dead girl.

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Why haven't you watched Mazinger yet, /a/?
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I don't know.
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You should.
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When will /a/ admit that Naruto isn't as bad as everyone says it is?

I can't think of any other anime with as many memorable characters as Naruto.
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Most people here agree on that already anyway.
here get your pity reply, now leave, you smell
I don't know, I always liked it. The plot and dialogues were a big mess but god, the setting, character and place designs, creative techniques, all that shit was top tier. Naruto was undeniably one of the coolest and most imagination stimulating shonens and I have fond memories of reading it as a kid.
That being said, it's a manga for pre-teens, being too serious about it as an adult is cringy.

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Make sure to give your waifu a cuddle!
Some questions to start off.
Would your waifu have been popular in high school?
Is your waifu girly or a tomboy?
What kind of pet would your waifu have?
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My waifu is dead and is an ally of justice.
Waifus can`t die.
>It's thursday

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If I was friends with Shinka, /a/ would never bully me again.
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/a/ would kill you and rape the body.
I would still bully you by fucking Shinka in front of you
Yeah, but Shinka would bully you instead.
At night. With a strap-on.

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I want to see everyone's answer. Which is better, and why? And no, I'm not just talking about the first season, I'm talking all seasons.
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Digimon is always going to be a better anime franchise than Pokemon.

Also go back to your containment board.
Tamers alone is better then anything the Pokemon anime has done.

In terms of anime Digimon is better.
I just wish Digimon's designs didn't look like shit

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Does /a/ like deliquents? I found this cute manga called Rough Sketch Senpai so I'll dump it
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Aw shit it finally got translated?
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Would you a cat?
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would you a hamster?

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How is there still no S2?
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Idk. It was good enough. Ill read the manga.
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dumb nigger sack of shit slut with down syndrome
It aired the same week as Yahari. I remember everyone saying the latter would never get S2 because of brainsbase, now look how it turned out.

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My heart
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That glorious armpit deserves some thorough licking.
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That glorious cake deserves some gentle loving.

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CHapter 259 raw

Nakata is the real hero
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What episode of DBS is this?

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