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Why is there no good abs/muscle fanservice in anime?
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Does she only work out her torso or some shit?
Neets are intimidated by strong women.
Some fanart probably. In the anime she has no abs.

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>Don't stick it in the crazy.
When will this meme end? Crazy girls are the best and fuck like wild beasts. Someone that is aware of their worth must have spread that to keep them for himself.
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>When will this meme end?
It's not a meme though. The sex is not the issue it's all the super fucked up bullshit they'll put you through when in a relationship. If you can get some and get out with a clean and permanent break then it's great but if not you'll regret it.
I think it's less of them not being best girl and more of them being liable to shoot you.
Name 3 (three) animes that do this.

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if this is so good why people don't talk about it?
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a) because people never talk about anything older than the past couple seasons unless it was the most popular thing ever, which has no bearing on quality.

b) because the show was structured as 2-episode arcs and people got butthurt when the 3rd episode wasn't just like the first two.
It wasn't good, shit was boring. Only watched because Hibiki's outfit made me diamonds.
If they started talking about it, it will be memed as SAO.

This guy has to be one of the least intimidating villains I've ever seen.

I didn't buy for one second that he was a real threat to Gon.
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Your fault for expecting anything out of HxH these days.
But I've heard nothing but good things about this show. I have to say the only time I've really enjoyed it was the whole Yorknew City arc. Everything else feels like it's been done better elsewhere.
>was no real threat
>heavily crippled Gon and could have finished him in an instant if it wasn't for his tendency to overthink things and the plan they prepared for a week specially to isolate and deal with him

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Who's the best K/a/rateka?
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Sonny Chiba, of course
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Character that is based on him
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No contest.

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What does /a/ think of Ogeha?
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When do they fuck?
Never I hope, after she bred with every filthy hobo in town.
They did

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Why is she so goddamn cute??
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Because she isn't.
Listen, I really like this show but people like you need to kts
[citation needed]

DEEN better not pull a KyoAni and not make Konosuba S3.

KyoAni has an unwritten rule that any and all anime that has finished it's second season be ditched.
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They'll make as many seasons of Konosuba as Shaft abuses the gatari sequels.
>KyoAni has an unwritten rule that any and all anime that has finished it's second season be ditched.
Not necessarily, they usually get a movie a year after the second season is finished and then promptly discarded like a used Kleenex.
DEEN is already not following the KyoAni formula by making top-sellers of the season.

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>he reads manga colored
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>posts a picture in color
>replying to his post in color
If it was originally meant to be in color, I don't see the problem.

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Can Asano Inio write a cute and pure romance between to teens?
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Why do I have a feeling he has never met a truly pure innocent woman in his life.
He has
he looks like a fuccboi himself

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Why is this show so praised? It's pretty mediocre
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Babby's first intellectual overtones
2deep4me, etc.
Compare to what?

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>Konsuba 2: Recycled Jokes and extra QUALITY: The Season

Why are you idiots devouring this garbage?
I think there is not a single minute in S2 where they haven't re-used something from S1
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Who cares, if it's funny it's funny
because cute anime girls
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Fun things are fun you baka!.jpg
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How big are Dianas dianas?
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Pretty small. LWA is a modest show where all the girls are flat, like The Flintstones.
How big are Diana's bananas?
She doesn't look flat to me.

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Why is it that the literary quality of LN/WNs are categorically worse than Manga? You pretty much have to imagine what the story would be if it were written better.
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WNs are literally self-published internet stories, anon. I think we all know why those are shit.
Pretty much. The bar is just a lot lower for entry. Manga at least requires you spend some time learning to draw instead of just making fanfiction. There are plenty of good ones out there though if you are willing to spend time wading through them though.
The difference in quality is negligible.

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First movie > Enchanted Parade > TV series
Prove me wrong.
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>no yuri

it was doomed from the start
so you're saying the magic is fading?
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Just like Chariot has passed expiration date.

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