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What the fuck is this?
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A toucan in human form
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A literal transexual, KyoAni likes them for some reason.
a stupid haircut.

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Why didn't all shinobi operate like anbu?
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Apparently ANBU are only elite agents, fodder shinobi like that first teacher of naruto would be useless in ANBU operations.
Because then they'd die even quicker whenever a major villain showed up.

Have you seen how hard ANBU job?
because then all the shinobi would actually be cool and stealthy but we can't have that in a battle-shonen pandering to children we need more stupid looking transformations and energy attacks

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Sayonara, /a/!
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I'm coming with you!
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Who in their right mind would dress like this?
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Thanks, Google.
go away normie OP. It's slut magic, shit doesn't need to make sense.

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What went wrong?
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He was the cuckoo

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This will certainly flop just like the other failed copies.
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what makes you say that?

>He's Fai from MAL coming to hate on Heaven's Feel
>Shitposting for the sake of shitposting
>Hating on Fate to trigger it's fanbase into bloating this shit thread.

Hmmmm, could be all of the above.

Being that it is a movie trilogy. I think it will easily be as good as F/Zero. Heaven's Feel is the route with the True End so it's a good way to end the series. I think it will be decent.
When will the Fate shilling stop?

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Was the azumanga daioh OP really that influential?
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Yukari is MY wife.
And apparently the autistic author hates the anime adaptation despite it being widely adored the world over. What's his problem?

has there ever existed a more based MC in history /a/?
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he's nothing special
then why pussies give up to him so easely?
Based? There have been plenty.
He is one of the better written characters as of recent as far as manga goes

ITT Lost but not forgotten. The semen demens of eld.
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i member vagina bones
This semen demon
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It is the 50th anniversary for the worlds greatest thief this year and we are only a week or so away from the NEW theatrical Lupin III film, Blood Spray of Goemon.

What will you be doing to celebrate everything that is Lupin?
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no one likes Lupin?

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>MFW i want to download this

>No one is seeding it anymore
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BakaBT has it.
>i want to download this

there's your mistake
Yeah but no one is seeding it

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anything for souji.gif
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So are we getting the >fanfiction anytime soon? Is sky dropping it cause it's getting too popular?
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Haven't seen that one yet
I have more cute.

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Ritsu loves you, anon!
Do you love her as well?
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I already know no one does and never will.
Knowing so makes it easier to accept death's sweet embrace.
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What does Ritsu want?
File: k-on-ep-14-1.jpg (114KB, 1366x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Name ONE (one) anime girl that's not autistic.
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Does /a/ like rwby? episode 10 of vol. 4 is out.
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Aside from that, it's getting better every season imo. Animation is better than most 3DCG shows japan trys to put out as well
>>>/co/ unless you want to discuss the manga.
It died with Monty.

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