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Is it worth it to go back and watch the vast multitudes of "old school" anime from the the 90's and early 2000's?

I mean we all know about Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto etc etc.

But it seems these days the majority of anime is centered around little girls and lewd SOL humor.

I distinctly remember a time when I watched Chobits, Ikki Tousen, Elfen Lied ETC ETC and enjoyed them, though in hindsight that stuff is junk.

I feel no real connection with the otaku community, regardless. I stopped keeping up back when Durarara, Haganai, PantyStocking etc were things.
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There were a lot fewer anime, which means they were all a lot better.

Elfen Lied is trash, but it's better than most edgy anime made today.

Chobits is fine, it's just CLAMP.

You can go to ancient forgotten sites like this and see tons and tons of old school anime no one remembers.
a lot of the ovas are worth it

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anime fucking when?
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I forget, does the story have a decent stopping point for a one-season arc?
Ebino best girl

it's going to be like midori days all over again.

>chatting with a girl at SMS
>this appears
>"kanashimi no" plays at the background
What you do?
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>chatting with a girl
Wake up
Teleport into a better anime.
I'd probably restart the game and pick a better route, preferably the Sakura route

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Do we have enough sauce to bake gochiusa season 3?
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Season 3? Y'know what is waiting? My dick.
As long as they continue to perfect the balance between comedy and warm+fuzzy feelings, then sure.

I think Chino getting tired of my sauce if you know what I mean.

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It's been a while.
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i don't know what the fuck is this but is short and seems fun
We really need more yakuza manga/anime.

So, did /a/ like Flip Flappers?, What is your opinion on it?, Discuss.

I just finished it and I loved it but there was a lot of shit that I didn't get. Could any of you explain the whole shit to me?
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It was official AOTY on /a/ and a lot of people liked it but not everyone did, the yuri and the character focused ending and the art style all didn't go well withe some people and those who didn't get it have become very vocal against it.

I personally loved it, a few things could have been done better, towards the end it didn't feel as on point as it did before, and modifying the earlier parts to more properly prepare the show for the final arc's elements would have improved the overall experience, I think. Still a fantastic show despite minor pacing criticism.

What do you want to know about the show? Which part didn't you get?
Mmm, what is wrong with the artstyle?, I thought it was really good.

>What do you want to know

>What is pure illusion
>Why Mimi has full control over it
>Why Mimi's personality changes
>Why in some parts the timelines or "reality" seemed to change when they interacted with Pure Illusion
It was pretty disappointing for me

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Why is NTR and cuckoldry getting more common in romance anime? Don't they know they're just pissing off their audience who just wants to see a boy falls in love with a girl and the drama that follows after that? It seems to me that young nip writers can't seem to separate fiction from reality unlike their predecessors.
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Because that's what women and fags find enjoyable and that's who they're aiming their anime at now.
If that's the case then anime is dead to me.
It's not. Just like ero, you guys focus on that material, ignoring the truck tons without it.

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who the hell reads this manga?
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me, thanks for reminding me it exists
your welcome sir
me too

Who else /YunYunMasterRace/ ?
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3rd favorite Konosuba after Megameme and Chris. You could definitely have worse taste.
Fucking Yunyun can't even check her digits properly.
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I cannot believe what I am hearing

Yunyun has fans?

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what went wrong?
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it ended
Homura did nothing wrong.
Ancient Aliens, Entropy, Rebellion.

Is there a genre you hate or avoid because you feel like youre wasting your time? For me its slice of life and romance shit.

Now, dont get me wrong, I watch fiction to 'feel' and shed tears, so technically both these genres should be first pick for me, right? However, after having watched a lot of shows (in general) I reached the conclusion that Japanese animation studios are too fucking incompetent to write satisfying romcom/romance endings. Every time I watch a romance anime, get invested in the characters and start to care, I am left with a shitty ending that feels rushed, doesnt properly conclude half the story-lines, doesnt provide proper closure for most of the cast and am left with nothing but disappointment. Is this genre trying to prepare people for real life relationships? Because thats usually how most of them play out.
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Silver a best. A BEST.
>slice of life and romance
Stopped reading here. kys, normalfag.
Forgive me. What do the kids call these genres nowadays? Real life experience and Attraction Between Individuals?

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Why are middle schoolers the best?
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You know why
Tell me.
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JC > JK = JS > JD

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A or B?
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never seen the show is this there transformation or something?

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Who will win the Holy Grail in Fate/Strange Fake?
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No one, like usual.
What's the point of SF cranking up the powerlevels so high? We got serious Gil and Enkidu, pseudo Archer Heracles, The motherfucking Pale Rider, two OP Hassans, and who knows what else is left.
It's fun.

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Why are you not watching he best anime movie ever made /a?
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I've already seen Tamako Love Story.
because I watched akira last week.
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