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I just just wasted my time watching this shit
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>He wasted his time on 2016 AOTY
What does /a/ truly think about it? I loved the concept but the execution was boring and unimaginative.

Also OP is a baiting faggot.
Like the vast majority of stuff this hipster board loves to hate, it was actually ok. Not great or too bad.

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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Your thread was deleted before.
anal sex
That was 12 hours ago, get off the internet anon.

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What's the QUALITY?
I never got into MGQ but I might watch this
It's not on nyaa. Where do I download this?

I've been out of a loop so much, I didn't know MGQ has gotten an anime.

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Describe this school girl.
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That's a boy
Not fuckable.

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Boichi's new WSJ Manga
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Left design looks gorgeous.
As long as he's not doing the writing considering how SKR ended. I'm still mad.
It also depends on how much creative control he has, just because he is being paired with a writer, doesn't mean he has no saying on where the story goes.

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Who is your favorite raildex girl?
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Misaka. Obviously.

If it comes from your inner desires, what would your geass be?
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The power to kill people on sight.
I can people the unbreakable command to end my life, and nothing more.
The power to copy others. ;_;

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do you think if shinji would man up, he could score both azuka and rei at the same time?

>inb4 it doesn't happen
plenty of males have two women at the same time IRL.
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they hate each others guts so no. He could have landed a Rei/Kaworu threesome end, but with asuka things fall apart seeing as she told him she'd let him do anything but only as long as she can have him all for herself otherwise she doesn't want him at all, Rei and Kaworu have less of those hang ups.
>they hate each other guts
>plenty of males have two women at the same time IRL.
Maybe in muslim countries.

How do you think it'll end?
Is Guts' sword big enough?
Is the Idea of Evil canon?
Isma or Schierke?
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I stopped reading when guts fought the Malboro on the pirate ship. How many chapters have come out since then? Like 5?
One day miura dies and you might think it brings permanent closure but it wont.
The series will be continued by someone else forever, guts may die but then theres RE:berserk where his dark skinned son continues his fathers quest.
"Berserk" will go on for centuries to come.

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Japan has turned everything into cute girls - battleships, districts of Japan, game consoles, guns, famous historical figures, Lovecraftian horrors, and now, yes even toilets.
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I'm not terribly sure what the author was going for, but Hanako is fairly cute.
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The dream of all men. A cute girl to piss on.

>Full lips
>Huge breasts
>Extremely clingy
>Extremely emotional
>100% feminine
>Quirky, unique, marches to the beat of her own drum

Post here if you are in love with Ako Tamaki. I don't mean that you just think she's hot, I mean that you could marry her and be happy for the rest of your life.
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The (second) worst anime I've ever seen, and most likely the worst girl I've ever seen.
Watch more anime.
>Full lips
This is the only good thing you listed.

Wouldn't it have been better to just have Goku achieve his first Super Saiyan form and nothing else? Why didn't they just have him fight in his base form through the entire series and use SS as a last resort that takes up shit tons of energy instead of adding on forms and making his designs look atrocious?
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You're not seriously asking this question.
Not op, but seriously take away from the novelty of the super Saiyan form. It was legendary, and now every Saiyan can do it. I wonder if they'll forget that it is supposed to be a difficult form to achieve and make every Saiyan in U6 a super Saiyan.
People don't care about shit unless it's bigger and more badass. Powercreep is the easiest form of instant gratification.

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ITT: Post the best character of their respective show.

Pic related
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What the hell was up with that cult he was in?
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Animes images that make you go "gee hee!"
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Jessie is best girl, you cannot deny this
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but James exist.
no, sorry

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