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Childhood is when you idolize K-ON.
Adulthood is when you realize Maison Ikkoku makes more sense.
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What the fuck are you writing
Problem officer?
>liking used good
If you are a cuck

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͏ ͏
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That's Pig-sama for you
loli dom is my fetish
Stop looking up her skirt!

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How did all the other hokage die again? Pretty sure they all died from being killed at some point but I can't remember
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For being war mongers or stupid.
1st natural cause most likely (was never actually revealed)
2nd sacrificed himself for his squad
3rd sacrificed himself for the ze village
4th sacrifice himself for his son
was the term "hokage" level of stength mean anything like it does for admiral level of stregnth in one piece?

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Okay, seriously, what is the point of her character? She suddenly appeared one episode without an explanation and suddenly became a principle member of the cast. Despite this, her actions have no direct consequence to the plot and she does not advance the narrative in any way whatsoever. In fact, if you removed her nothing in the story would change at all. Seriously, why is she there?
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OP is a Faget!

Watch it again.
>In fact, if you removed her nothing in the story would change at all. Seriously, why is she there?

Sounds familiar. Why are you here?
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OP's a faggot and a secondary? Neat, two in one.

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what does "anime 14" translate into human years?
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old enough
28 if going by your pic related.
that is so fucking hot

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CyGKu5VUsAAb6Xa.jpg large.jpg
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So do we have any information as to what the "new product release" is?
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Fuck. Better be SOMETHING solid, if they're going to all this effort to hype it up.
Since then they've announced the cafe, a few new products and there was the semi-official doujin released recently that most likely is unrelated. That's better than nothing.

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left or right?
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Latifa > Kobili > everyone else

ITT: Girls who prefer anal.
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Have you Unironically watched Boko no Pico?
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Of course

Was Coco a fairy?
It was objectively terrible.
The story was half-baked and for some reason the faceless guy's pecs were drawn so it looked as if he had manboobs.
I'm blind you tactless faggot.

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download (6).jpg
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To help better explain my position, here's a short story. As a young child I saw my Mother relentlessly beaten by my Father. I can still recall hearing her muffled screams through the walls of my bedroom as I lay trying to fall asleep. Some nights were worse than others, but I remember the mornings my Grandmother would take me to school because my Mother couldn’t be seen in public. She would wear sunglasses and long sleeve shirts for weeks while the bruising and swelling slowly healed around her eyes and arms. I never understood how something as simple as an overcooked meal or spilt glass of sake in the living room could send my Father into these inexplicable fits of rage; not until this very moment. Not until I saw Seiren. It was the stain on my fathers Afghan rug and I see no club soda nor salt to scrub it away. I will be coming out of retirement to produce a worker far better than this insult to life itself, and if you for a second glance in kimi no na wa's direction will personally crucify each of Shinkai's children.
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4chan was a mistake - Moot
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hayao miyazaki hitler quote.png
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>Daily reminder that Miyazaki is a known anti-Semite
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Miyazaki approves.png
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haha what a funny old man.

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This should be taught in schools alongside The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird.

I honestly believe that Evangelion is the most important piece of fiction in the past 20 years.
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Pop culture does not equate academic advancement, newfriend.

Case in point, Star Wars.
I agree
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stupid eva.jpg
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ITT, represent an anime or manga with a team of pokemon, and other people have to guess what it is

Starting off with something easy. Note that Dusknoir and Raichu are a lot less obviously represenative then the other 4 are here
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The thread would probably go a lot better if you gave a link to whatever you used to make that image.
Is it Pokemon, the anime?
Madoka I guess, maybe. Probably.

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>Mou ikkai~
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I will never stop finding this gif funny.
And i only enter these threads to watch the mspaint gif.

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ITT: Manga and anime characters that look like you.
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stretchy stretch.gif
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Shamo v01c10 p214.jpg
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I am pretty much pic related but bigger

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New TV animation confirmed. New "Super-Dimensional" video project confirmed
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Is there even anything they could do in this universe that would please people at this point?
bring minmay back
I'd like this.

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