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Why is a girl working for a shounen detective club?
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To avoid the stigma of being a NEET.
I thought all NEETs were male?
Bait. Add a single, very cute girl in an otherwise all male cast to try and get people outside the core demographic to check it out.

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Why are these stories so popular nowadays?
Note: it's nor porn.
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Revenge for all the rape fics.
So is she an exhibitionist or she just retarded?
I hope it doesn't catch on. I like regular rape 2bh

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Queen's Blade Unlimited.jpg
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Rebellion failed, Grimoire failed, so it seems they decided to reboot the first series ruining the desings in the process.
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Eh, the designs look okay 2bh. Where Allayne at?
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yuit mana charge-b.jpg
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Rebellion characters were nice, don't know why people hates them so much. Problem was the terrible plot and PLOT (the service in the first series had context, in Rebellion was too random)
>Focusing on old and busted QB instead of superior Queen's Gate

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Happy Croissant day, /a/!
I think the reason MC isn't attracted to him isn't because of his pervy thoughts, but because she can see his true beta-ness and it disgusts her.
What a cute croissant

Red Lion or Green Lion, /a/?
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red lion all the way also can't wait for season 3
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butch futa Gunderson is my only wish
File: ss+(2017-01-30+at+06.46.31).png (18KB, 319x379px)Image search: [Google]
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Green, obviously.

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>Unironically enjoying Fateshit
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I just save pictures of the waifus
quality thread lol
Some people just can't move on from the mid-late 2000s.

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So MAPPA has produced the most critically acclaimed Japanese film of 2016, a likely two billion yen earner in the box office and the most Japanese award winning non-Ghibli/Hosoda anime film from this century and people are still pretending Yuri on Ice is their most important and money making work ever?
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I don't think anyone gives a shit about Mappa, the ones doing money from YoI are Avex Pictures, and Kono Sekai ticket sales go to Tokyo Theatres and Genco, International distribution profits will go to Animatsu, Mappa will most likely only see profit from the BD sales, which will a relatively good amount, but they haven't seen profit yet as of yet.

Also, it is projected to gross over 2.5 billion, not just 2 billion.
MAPPA is still the hands that drew this arthouse of a historical movie.
the art is shit, just look at these peasants.

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Self inserting as Subaru made me feel so emasculated, what an awful character.
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So, do you want to be like Guts? Bet you can´t even do 10 pull ups.
the author hates fags like you
i love how useless shitty characters like this always get a harem

i can't believe people actually think this show is good

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I don't understand. How was he wrong?
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That's the fucking point: He wasn't.

Did you read the VN or are you a secondary?
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Saving people is a spook.

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Why was she so jealous of her older sister? I don't get it!
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It's a very mediocre series, you don't have to keep making threads about it.

But she was pretty cute herself, did she not see that?

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Hanamaru Sidetail.jpg
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You're a great friend, but the one I love is Hanamaru.
Why do people like You? Is it because she's a maymay girl?
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But, assuredly, I do.

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Why are onee-sans so much better than imoutos?
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Imoutos are boring and overdone. Oneesans still have a lot of potential.

Also, if we're going into incest territory, romances with older girls/younger guys are cuter than the opposite.
Why always bring this shit up? Just shut up and have a nice thread.
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Why onee-sanfag always insecure and have to mock imouto?

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Axed http://otakomu.jp/archives/499562.html
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Does anyone even care at this point ?
Not everything that dies was murdered.
Some things reach a natural conclusion.

Some stories end because the story is over. Some, because the author doesn't want to continue anymore.
Guess either Yabuki or the writer is tired of this. I really don't see Shueisha being the one who dropped the axe on it's head.

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When are KyoAni going to remake Dirty Pair?
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they already did.
>Dirty Pair without the 80's as fuck artstyle and aesthetics
Who the fuck wants that
KyoAni can do miracles anon.

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>come home from a long flight
>open luggage
>see this
what do?
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Go back to the airport and get my own luggage.
You can't survive in the hold of a plane. So I'd call the police to investigate why there's a dead girl in my suitcase.
Take her to the hospital because she was most likely suffocating in there and is probably dead depending on the length of the flight.

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