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Come, join me in praising second best girl.

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>People finally understand that Aqua is undisputed best girl

About time.
that's pretty good but that wasn't even the best video kokki posted yesterday:

Yunyun is the best

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Do idols make good mothers?
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That depends on the idol, does it not? Shiburin would not make a good mom though. At least right now.
Picture related on the other hand is prime breeding material.
Yes she will

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>Sagrada, a town where almost half the population possess special powers. The town's administration bureau provides oversight on those with powers, and its inhabitants mostly live in peace. These powers were brought by gentle and heartfelt wishes such as "being able to make the tears from the person in front of me disappear," or "to be heard by someone."
Kei Asai has an eidetic memory, allowing him to perfectly remember anything he sees and hears, while Misora Haruki can turn back or "reset" time for a maximum of three days. While Misora forgets her memories of the future when she performs a "reset," Kei does not. Using their powers together, they are capable of changing the past to affect the present.

>But there is one part of their past that they cannot escape. Two years ago, due to a reset by Misora, their classmate Sumire Souma died. Now, as members of their school's "Service Club," Kei and Misora spend their days accomplishing various requests from their schoolmates while searching for any possible way they can bring back Sumire Souma. One day, they find a request waiting for them: "I'd like you to bring my dead cat back to life."

>To erase the sadness in their past, Kei and Misora run through time, and change the world.
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Life is Strange: the Anime
Is it good?
This could get some nice twist if done right

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Is this show any good or just idol moeshit?
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Girls aren't even cute. It's just complete trash
It's idol moeshit but it's fun and fun things are fun.

>girls aren't even cute
Kill yourself.
kill yourself

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"Can I really be with you? Will you protect me?"

"Sure. I will protect you..."
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"Don't tell me"
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I don't know what this is but I'm laughing.

Why'd they make Asuka a dyke in Rebuild?

>not attracted to men anymore and in love with Mari
>smaller tits
>dresses like a tom boy
>tries to look like Snake from Metal Gear Solid but with a cheeki breeki tracksuit
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The purest form of love is a wonderful thing.
>tries to look like Snake from Metal Gear Solid but with a cheeki breeki tracksuit

shes been Slavd
Best girl should not be reduced to being yuri bait.

Why do side pairings end up so much better than the main ones?
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Retarded Dragon Girls Season 2 when.

I miss them.
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I do too anon.
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Levi was my favorite retard. I want to give her tea and help her find her brother.
If I had a huge fortune, the first thing I'd do is fund a 2nd season for this show and then for Fantasista Doll.

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Can it be stopped, /a/?

>As of this month, Makoto Shinkai's your name. (Kimi no Na wa.) film surpassed Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away as the highest grossing anime film worldwide. Miyazaki is known for his harsh criticism of certain types of animation, but he had remained silent about Shinkai's hit film since it opened in Japan on August 26. However, Studio Ghibli co-founder and former producer Toshio Suzuki recently shared some of the director's thoughts on Shinkai's latest film.

>The February 2 issue of Bungeishunjū's Weekly Bunshun magazine featured an interview with Suzuki on Thursday. Regarding the trope of "a girl losing her way in a different world" seen in films like Spirited Away, Suzuki said, "I had a prediction that someone would make that sometime." Miyazaki apparently agreed with Suzuki's sentiment. The director said, "Yeah, that's right. I won't do it, but [the film] goes just like I thought."

>Suzuki also commented, "The term 'another world' is used successfully time and again, and I had a hunch that Makoto Shinkai is a fan of Hayao Miyazaki." The former producer praised Shinkai's film, adding that "It's made so that all the characters in the drama, lines, and music make the background stand out." "The high fall sky that seems like it could be breathed in was especially impressive," he said.

>The Case of Hana & Alice director Shunji Iwai compared the film to Rene Magritte's 1959 painting The Castle of the Pyrenees for its "enduring persuasive power with audacity." Although Iwai noted Magritte's painting is a much "higher" work, he was impressed by Shikai's accomplishment. Anime theme song lyricist and AKB48 founder Yasushi Akimoto said his "heart quivered" when he watched your name.
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>Shinkai's film returned to the top spot in the Japanese box office for the January 21-22 weekend. The blockbuster film has set theatrical screening records across Asia. According to Box Office Mojo, the film had earned US$306,795,190 worldwide as of January 17. Funimation will begin screening your name. in North America on April 7.
Miyazaki seems unimpressed.
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>#1 in the Japanese box office for 14 weeks, 13 weekends
>Has surpassed Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle as #2 Anime Film of All Time in Japan
>Earns 20 billion yen and counting to surpass Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Japan
>Reached 10 billion yen 9 days faster than Frozen
>Wins LA Film Critics Award
>Has become the no. 1 highest-grossing Japanese movie in China
>Has become the no. 1 movie in Thailand
>The film immediately topped Korea's box office opening on 555 screens all around the country which is a new record for the Japanese film.
>Also dominated China breaking the all-time records for the most advance tickets sold and the fastest film to reach 100 million yuan ($ 14 million or 1.7 billion yen), with the first 100 yuan earned in just the film's opening day.
>The film also dominated the charts of Hong Kong and Taiwan becoming the number 2 and top highest grossing Japanese film on the respective countries
>Inexplicably jumps 41% in the Japanese box office and climbs from 7th place to 3rd place in one week
>Still in the top 10 in the Japanese box office towards the beginning of 2017
>Now grossed US$331 million.
>Surpasses the box office gross of Spirited Away (US$289.1 million), making it the highest grossing anime film of all time.
>Is approved by Shinzo Abe and used by Cool Japan to spur tourism in Japan.
>Returned to the top spot in the Japanese box office for the January 21-22 weekend.
So this is the power of meme magic? Not bad.

How would you trivialize the problem in Kimi no na wa?
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They barely knew each other in the first place
We have to get our original bodies back.

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Staff announced:

Director: Junichi Wada
Series Composition&Writer: Akira Kareno(Author himeself)
Character Design&Chief Animation Director: Toru Imanishi
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music production: Lantis
Studio: Satelight/C2C
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>Akira Kareno(Author himeself)
holy shit yes
Ha ha prepare for suffering
Light novel adaptation directed by guy who has never worked on anything good; who cares

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The MC's imouto/onee-san of the last anime you watched is now your own sister.
If otouto then brother.
How fucked are you?
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Top tier imouto trapped in a shit show.
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Airi is top tier imouto. Not clingy, but truly caring for her brother. She's smart and has a touch of tsun.
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Celestia was the only good girl in this shit.

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I just finished an anime. And it was good. Now I am sad.

How do you deal with the post anime thing?
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I never watch the final episode

this is madness

I mostly watch pure shit (unfortunatly), so i'm kinda relieved when it ends
I used to fell that way too.Now I just watch more anime and get over it.

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Am I the only one watching this wonderful show?
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Canaria from Qualidea Code

Kuromukuro was so bad but it could have been so cool and that makes me angry
What the fuck? She was awesome. Why do people keep saying she was worst girl?

How was it "so bad"?

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